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Global Development


    • Global Health Watch
      An in-depth reports and interactive features from the PBS Newshour, including interactive features from around the world, and lesson plans on AIDS, swine flu, and medical emergencies in conflict zones
    • Globalization101: Health and Globalization
      An overview of the impact of globalization on health challenges, with an accompanying curriculum unit and additional lesson plans
    • Killer Number One: The Fight Against Malaria
      In in-depth report on malaria from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs IRIN program
    • Out of the Wild
      A documentary exploring ways to combat wildlife diseases that pass from animals to humans
    • Rx for Survival
      A documentary that outlines a series of global health challenges from tuberculosis to AIDS, with a series of accompanying teaching resources
    • AIDS Diary
      The audio diaries of Thembi, a young South African woman who passed away in 2009 after a multi-year battle against AIDS
    • AIDS in Africa: The Scope of the Problem
      A National Geographic lesson plan that introduces students to the magnitude , with links to a companion lesson entitled "More than Sympathy"
    • Global Health: Asia in the 21st Century
      Explores diverse health challenges across different parts of Asia, including the health impacts of war and global dietary changes
    • Cross-Curricular Health Activities
      Teaching resources from PBS Frontline/World that address several global health concerns, including women's health and the spread of deadly diseases
    • World Health Organization
      The World Health Organization is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.