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Global Sustainability

General Background

  1. United Nations Environment Programme
    The UNEP strives to improve the current environmental issues by providing leadership and knowledge to world organizations and encouraging partnerships to foster productivity worldwide
  2. EarthTrends
    A comprehensive database maintained by the World Resources Institute, EarthTrends offers data on environmental, social and economic statistics across a variety of issues, from forest and water resources to population and health.
  3. Facing the Future
    Broad focus on sustainability through society, economy and the environment, with curricular resources across teaching areas as well as different grade levels.
  4. Journey to Planet Earth
    A PBS documentary series exploring global environmental challenges, with a variety of accompanying curricular resources.
  5. POV Borders: Environment
    Includes a series of lesson plans exploring earth, air and water, with community engagement.
  6. People and Place: Curriculum Resources on Human-Environmental Interactions
    Drawing on examples from around the world, this curriculum unit explores how environments shape human behavior as well as the impacts of human activity on the environment.