Tanya Joosten

Tanya M. Joosten

Tanya Joosten is the Director (Interim) at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Learning Technology Center (LTC) where almost 3000 instructors (faculty, academic staff, and TA's) are supported in their use of digital technologies to facilitate teaching and learning.  UWM offers over 40 online and blended degree programs to its app. 30,000 students.  

Tanya is the author of Social Media for Educators published by Jossey Bass.  Her work and expertise on social media, virtual worlds, and other emerging technologies has been highlighted in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Ed Tech Magazine, eCampus News, EDCAUSE Review, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, and other news and media publications.  

She is helping develop plans for the future of education as she is a member of the UWM digital future steering committee, State of Wisconsin Superintendent's digital learning advisory council member, EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Steering Committee, EDUCAUSE IT Status committee, and Sage Publications digital media advisory board member.

Tanya is active in blended and online learning where she has taught online and blended classes for over a decade, co-chairs the UWM Online Program Council (OPC), is the campus liaison for online and blended programming, is a mentor for the Sloan-C certificate in online teaching, and is the 2013 chair of the Sloan-C Blended conference (#blend13) in Milwaukee (http://sloanconsortium.org/blended).  

In leading the UWM LTC, she oversees the recognized faculty development team for online and blended teaching, the UWM Certificate in Blended and Online Teaching, the online and blended teachers users group (OBTUG), and the Sloan-C blended faculty development program.  Also, she has worked with dozens of universities and colleges across the globe on developing their teaching and learning strategies and supporting instructors' use of technology.

Tanya M. Joosten
Interim Director, LTC
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Golda Meir Library, E178
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(414) 229-5136 | tjoosten@uwm.edu