Dr. Matthew Russell

Dr. Matthew Russell is the Programming Coordinator at the Center for Instructional and Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

In addition to coordinating Center communications, Matthew develops programming to support the growth and development of Graduate TAs at UWM. He comes to this role through his experience at the University of Texas at Austin as an Assistant Director of the Digital Writing and Research Lab, where he served as resource for professional development opportunities and pedagogic resources for new graduate student instructors, and as a tutor at Writing Center. During his time at UWM, he has taken an active role in many initiatives, ranging from developing General Education program outcomes (course goals), student materials (guides and resources), instructional support materials (mentorship program development), and end-of-year assessment design. Currently, he serves on the Digital Arts and Culture undergraduate certificate advisory board and acts as a Director of the UWM Libraries Digital Humanities Lab.

In addition, Matthew teaches courses in Comparative Literature at the UWM (as he had received his doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of Texas at Austin), and graduate courses in composition theory, literature and professional writing at Mount Mary University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, focusing primarily on European Romantic literature and concepts related to memory, forgetting and trauma theory, with an emphasis on the continuing relevance of these issues for twenty-first century arts and literature. He has presented on his scholarship at numerous conferences, including the Modern Language Association annual conference, and recent published work can be found in the Journal for the Midwest Modern Language Association and elsewhere. Based on his work in the Digital Writing and Research Lab, Matthew continues to explore avenues in the digital humanities at UWM, working with faculty, library staff and graduate students.

Dr. Matthew Russell
Center for Instructional and Professional Development
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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