Northwest Quadrant Active Learning Classroom Initiative

Efforts to maximize the quality of learning experiences include providing classrooms that are designed to stimulate and sustain active and engaged learning. Five active learning classrooms (ALCs) in the Northwest Quadrant (NWQ) will be conducive to student interaction and active learning that fosters increased engagement, peer relationships, retention, processing of information and student achievement. ALCs are constructed as open structures with mobile chairs and tables arranged for learning in small groups of varying sizes. Extensive media infrastructure is built into the rooms in order to increase student engagement through interactive, collaborative learning with peers and intensive use of small group pedagogy. The ALCs are not designed for lecture formats. The NWQ ALCs include flexible furniture and projectors, instructor consoles, and layouts with small group access to shared table space, computer monitors, whiteboards, and the ability to display information across individual or multiple monitors and screens. Additional information and a large floor plan of the space are available at Campus Planning: See the Provost’s page for more information.

Classrooms and Spaces

Classroom Photos

NWQ ALC Spaces

  • Floor Plans (link)
  • Building Floor Map (link)

Important Dates and Deadlines 

First Friday in the ALCs: April 10, 2015

Application Process

Active Learning Instructional and Technology Development Options

Classroom Support: Technology and Console Training

NWQ ALC Active Learning Pedagogy Workshops:

CETL Active Learning in Small Groups

  • Instructional Development Booklet (link)

NWQ ALC Users Group

Informal opportunity to meet other ALC instructors, exchange ideas, questions, and share strategies.  Upcoming dates: TBD

NWQ ALC Newsletter

  • Issue #1, January 23, 2015 (link)
  • Issue #2, February 9, 2015 (link)

UWM Showcase

  • UWM Video Spotlights: Active Learning in Action (Brief Instructor video clips coming soon!)
  • UWM Instructor ALC Syllabi
  • Assignments

Research and Evidence

  • UWM NWQ ALC Assessment Spring 2015 Results (Available Summer 2015)

Professional Development Resources on ALCs nationwide:

Who to Contact: 

  • Classroom Support: 414-229-4040 
  • CETL: 414-229-5764 (Connie Schroeder)