Showing (y)our work:

Assessing student learning in courses and programs

As part of the campus ongoing preparation for re-accreditation, the Provost’s Office and the Center for Instructional and Professional Development (CIPD) hosted the first annual “Assessment Showcase” on Friday, March 1, 2013. The goals of this Showcase were to: 1) highlight the work being done around campus in assessing student learning, in preparation for our Higher Learning Commission accreditation visit; 2) encourage collaboration between individuals, departments and programs as they continue to work on assessing student learning; 3) promote successful strategies and practices; and 4) make connections between assessing work in individual courses and meeting department/program learning outcomes.

Materials from the program included, slides from the keynote address by Jo Beld (Professor of Political Science and Director of Evaluation and Assessment at St. Olaf College), handouts from the keynote address, and supplemental materials. Throughout the afternoon judges viewed poster submissions from individuals and departments, with the following awards:



First Prize: Department of Communication for “Undergraduate Assessment” (Leslie Harris) and: Jewish Studies  for “Assessment in Jewish Studies” (Rachel Baum)

Second Prize: Department of Biosciences for "Turning up the AMPS" (Andrew Petto)

Third Prize: Department of English for “UWM First Year Writing Program Assessment” (Dennis Lynch)


First Prize: Angel Stoddard for “Assessing an ePortfolio"

Second Prize: Gerald Bergtrom for “Assessing Assignments in a Blended Biology Course

Third Prize: Sarah Morgan for "Assessing Bias Before and After Completing a Course in Cultural Diversity"

Fourth Prize: Rachel McTavish and Andrew Petto for “Diagnostic Teaching as Formative Assessment and: Kate Ganski and Theresa Beaulieu for “Assessing Information Literacy Learning in Educational Psychology 100

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013 Assessment Showcase, and congratulations to this year’s prize winners.