General Education Support: Level B Literacy

As part of the competencies approved by the Faculty Senate in May 2012, both the Quantitative Literacy (QL) and Oral and Written Communication (OWC) competencies will have an A and a B requirement. The (A) part of the requirement will be fulfilled in a lower division course, taken early in a student's career, while the (B) course will build on the earlier skills in an advanced course, often (but not necessarily) in a student's major.

These competencies, approval in Spring 2012 by the UWM Faculty senate, are not part of general education distribution requirements, and they are in addition to any college requirements (though of course in many cases they will overlap with university and college distributional requirements).

For the OWC requirement, the (A) portion is satisfied for any students who has completed or tested out of English 102. Departments may develop courses that satisfy the B requirements. The courses satisfying the B portion of the requirement must be approved by the APCC, through a subcommittee.

Since the OWC-B requirement has considerable latitude in implementation, depending on the particular subject matter and pedagogy, CIPD will provide support to anyone seeking guidance in developing or altering a course to meet this requirement. The support will include:

  • Workshops and consultations for colleges or other units on strategies for meeting the requirement (Professor William Keith, Communication, and Professor Dennis Lynch (English). Register through the CIPD website.
  • Feedback to CAR forms once they are submitted online.
  • Sample materials from the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities, including assignments and rubrics, coming soon.

Please contact the CIPD director with any questions.