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Business 100 students volunteer at the Hunger Task Force

Business 100 students at the Hunger Task Force

On February 15 , 2014, UWM volunteers, including these Business 100 students, helped build 640 stockboxes for the Hunger Task Force. Stockboxes are distributed to low-income older adults at no cost to make sure they have access to healthy foods.

In total, for this past Fall semester and current Spring semester, nearly 200 students from Business 100, with Professor Michael Freimark, will have engaged in service with the Hunger Task Force.

Art 150 and PACA share stories of migration and learning new cultures


In the Fall 2013 semester, ART 150: Multicultural America worked with the Pan African Community Association (PACA) on a collaborative digital storytelling project. As defined by the Center for Digital Storytelling, a digital story is a first-person narrative told through the use of digital media. Following the "Seven Elements to Digital Storytelling" as outlined in the Digital Storytelling Cookbook (Digital Diner Press, 2010), UWM ART 150 students were paired with PACA students to share and write their stories of migration and of learning new cultures. Throughout the semester, the PACA and UWM ART 150 students worked together, either during their required service learning hours or class sessions held at PACA, to write and produce their digital stories. PACA Education Program Coordinator Michael Grochowski and ART 150 instructor Dr. Shelleen Greene, worked with both the UWM and PACA students to facilitate the collaborative project. UWM and PACA students participated in a story circle in which they shared the stories they wanted to use for the digital narratives, completed audio recording with the ART 150 LLC Mentor Michael Fenner and ART 150 Media Assistant Steven Schwarz, and digital editing using Adobe Premiere, MovieMaker, or iMovie. On Tuesday, December 17, we screened the collaborative digital stories at PACA.

Art student Gordon Gohr creates "Solid Ground" for older adults with dementia

Art student Gordon Gohr with Mike and Paul from Luther Manor

Gordon Gohr (center), a Peck School of the Arts student, built the structure for an independent studio course around two men, Mike and Paul, who spend time at the Luther Manor Adult Day Care Center. Mike and Paul are learning to live with dementia and, after addressing some common goals, Gordon developed a schedule of studio sessions using different media.

"When [we] talked art, we were on solid ground. We shared views and passion. If the conversation happened to venture away from art, things quickly became grey for [them]." Gordon says, "Art has become a favorite vehicle for expression for Mike and Paul... especially when the words of conversation aren't necessarily cooperating or flowing."

After seven two-hour studio sessions with Mike and Paul, Gordon assembled the “journey of mediums” (pastels, watercolors, and clay sculptures) for exhibit. The framed projects will debut at a reception at Luther Manor. Plans are in the works for the collaboration pieces to be included in the Arts Partner Fellowship of The Creative Trust Flourish Festival in spring.

Mike and Paul work on clay sculptures

Above: Mike and Paul work on clay sculptures during one of their studio sessions with Gordon.

2013 Community Engagement and Student Leadership Awards

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UW-Milwaukee recognized some awesome individuals for their outstanding leadership, volunteerism, and community engagement over the past year. This was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and work of those who nurtured campus-community partnerships and who have helped UWM fulfill its civic mission.View all of the photos on Facebook.