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Volume 19, Number 1, by Patricia Wyzbinski and Stephen L. Percy. August 2008.
Understanding the Governance of Nonprofit Boards of Directors in Metropolitan Milwaukee.

Volume 18, Number 3, by Stephen L. Percy and Patricia Wyzbinski. July 2005
Nonprofit Board Governance in Milwaukee: Operation, Diversity and Challenges

Volume 18, Number 2, by Stephen L. Percy and Stephen W. Moore. June 2005
Arts and Culture in Southeastern Wisconsin: The Public Speaks

Volume 18, Number 1, by Paige Hull Teegarden with opinions by John Palmer Smith and Deborah Fugenschuh. April 2005
Leadership Change in Nonprofit Milwaukee: Making Transitions Work
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Volume 17, Number 2, by Michael J. Soika. Summer 2004
Ending Homelessness: A Challenge Accepted

Volume 17, Number 1, by Amy Klemm Verbos. Spring 2004
Exploring Social Enterprise in Milwaukee Nonprofit Organizations

Volume 16, Number 2, by Les Singer. Spring 2003
The State of Employer Assisted Housing in Milwaukee

Volume 16, Number 1, by Stephen L. Percy. Spring 2003
Leading Regional Lives in Metropolitan Milwaukee

Volume 15, Number 2, by Stephen L. Percy, Scott Sager, Less Singer and Jarad Parker. May 2002
Creating Metropolitan/Regional Government:
The Tales of Five Cities

Volume 15, Number 1, by Sammis B. White. Spring 2002
Intergovernmental Cooperation:
Has Its Time Come for Metropolitan Milwaukee?

Volume 14, Number 1, by Sherry Ahrentzen. Winter 2001
Housing Home Businesses in Urban Neighborhoods:
Implications for the City of Milwaukee

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Volume 13, Number 1, by Sarah Filzen, edited by Fred Olson. January 2000 Park Public Policy: Past and Future
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Volume 12, Number 3, by Virginia Carlson. November 1998

Firm Hiring Strategies
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Volume 12, Number 2, by Jean B. Tyler. July 1998

A Call to Public Service
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Volume 12, Number 1, by Ian M. Harris. January 1998

Nonviolence in Urban Areas:
Conversations with Practitioners of Nonviolence
in the Milwaukee Area, 1989 - 1994

Volume 11, Number 3, by Brett W. Hawkins and Roberta Derlin. June 1997

Do Suburbs Harm Cities? A Review of the Evidence

Volume 11, Number 2, by Judith J. Senkevitch and Dietmar Wolfram. April 1997

Guiding Milwaukee Adults onto the Information Highway

Volume 11, Number 1, by William Velez and Toni Griego Jones. February 1997

Effects of Parental Involvement on the
Academic Achievement of Latino Children

Volume 10, Number 2, By Mark Vargas. September 1996

The Milwaukee Urban Archives and Urban Research

Volume 10, Number 1, By Judith T. Kenny and Thomas C. Hubka. April 1996

City Reform versus Neighborhood Traditions:
Milwaukee's Urban Reform Efforts and the
Housing Goals of the Polish Community, 1900-1920

Volume 9, Number 1b, By Peter Maier and Stephen L. Percy. September 1995

Parks and Recreation in Milwaukee County:
Public Perceptions and Evaluations

Volume 9, Number 1a, By Brett W. Hawkins, Stephen L. Percy and Eric Magistad. May 1995

Residential Community Associations:
The First Level of Territorial Democracy in America

Volume 8, Number 2, By Ulrich C. Reitzug and Beverly E. Cross. August 1994

A Multi-site Case Study of
Site-based Management in Urban Schools

Volume 8, Number 1, By Stephen L. Percy and Jeffrey D. Racine. 1994

Rideshare in Wisconsin:
Citizen Perceptions and Utilization Potential

Volume 7, Number 2, 1990

A Review of Current Research

Volume 6, Number 2, By Margo Anderson. 1989

Census History and Census Politics:
What We Can Expect from 1990

Volume 6, Number 1, By Brett W. Hawkins. 1989

The Politics of Academic Suburb-Bashing

Volume 5, Number 3, By G. William Page. 1988

Protecting Municipal Groundwater Supplies

Volume 5, Number 2, By Gregory D. Squires and William Velez . 1988

Redlining and the Transformation of a Metropolis

Volume 5, Number 1, By Joan Moore and John Hagedorn. 1988

Youth Gangs: Milwaukee and Los Angeles Compared

Volume 4, Number 1, By Paul A. Haubrich. 1987

Needed: More Education About Education

Volume 3, Number 1, By Sammis B. White. 1986

General Assistance Won't Go Away Just by Wishing

Volume 2, Number 4, By Robert Drago. 1985

Are Quality Circles a Fad?
A Look at the Milwaukee Experience

Volume 2, Number 3, By Thomas S. Moore and Gregory D. Squires. 1985

Industrial Revenue Bonds in Wisconsin:
Public Costs and Private Benefits

Volume 2, Number 2, By David Stea, Ned Levine, and Richard Warren Smith. 1985

"Shared Facilities" Housing:
Past, Present, and Prospects for Milwaukee

Volume 2, Number 1, By Robert S. Magil. Winter 1984

Wisconsin Cities:
How are They Coping with Fiscal Strain?

Volume 1, Number 4, By Ernest R. Alexander. Summer 1984

To "Flow" or Not --That Is The Question:
Allocating Urban Service Costs

Volume 1, Number 3, By James G. CibulkaFall. 1984

School Finance Trends in Wisconsin