PantherCards for Online Students

If you are a student enrolled only in online courses, you can still obtain a PantherCard as a way of verifying your affiliation with UW-Milwaukee. The PantherCard for online-only students contains the student’s name and campus ID number but will not provide a student photo so must be presented with a driver’s license or other form of photo ID when used. To obtain your PantherID card, send the following information to
  • Full legal name
  • Month and date of birth
  • Campus ID number
Our staff will check your enrollment record and verify that you are enrolled exclusively in online courses. Students who have a combination of online and campus courses must come to the Enrollment Services Information Center in Mellencamp Hall 274 to obtain their PantherCard in person.

UWMOnlineElearningWe will produce your PantherCard with a special logo in the photo box that will identify you as a UWM online student. Please allow at least three weeks for processing of your PantherCard. There is a $10 charge for PantherCards and that charge will be posted to your PAWS account.

Your PantherCard will then be sent to the mailing address that is listed on your PAWS account. For security purposes, requests for cards to be mailed to an address other than the one listed on your PAWS account will not be honored. Please verify and update your PAWS mailing address before submitting your request for a PantherCard.

All PantherCards are the property of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, are not transferable and are valid only as long as the holder continues his/her specific affiliation with UW-Milwaukee. Benefits provided to holders of UWM PantherCards by off-campus entities are neither the responsibility of the university nor the entitlement of the cardholder. The card must be surrendered for identification purposes upon request by an official of the University, e.g., police officer, faculty member, dean. Any misuse, alteration or fabrication of the card will subject the holder to disciplinary action by the University.

NOTE: The PantherCard obtained by an online-only student does not automatically enable the holder to access services in on-campus facilities. Should a student who has previously taken only online classes begin to take on-campus courses, the student must come to the Enrollment Services Information Center in Mellencamp Hall 274 to have their PantherCard updated.