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Nine white papers summarize key design features and findings around specific topics and include expert opinions for creating successful dementia care settings.
History of Creating Settings for People with Dementia
The history and review of a 20+ year movement to create and/or integrate specialized dementia care settings as a therapeutic resource. (401KB)
Care Setting Configuration and Size
An appraisal of care setting strategies which denote clear boundaries, reduce size/scale, and provide the familiarity of home. (327KB)
Outdoor Spaces
An evaluation of the positive outcomes associated with outdoor use and negative consequences of restricting access. (333KB)
Living Rooms and Social Spaces
A guide for creating living spaces and other social spaces which become the heart of the care community. (276KB)
Kitchen Design
An examination of the pros and cons of three fundamental strategies for food delivery. (297KB)
Dining Room Design
An overview of how to make meals a social, invigorating and familiar experience for both residents and staff. (330KB)
Bathing Room Design
An assessment of how to make the bathing process a relaxing and enjoyable experience. (323KB)
Bedroom Design
A valuation of key decisions when designing the resident?s private space in a care community. (438KB)
Toilet Room Design
An exploration of key issues for toilet room design that promote resident independence as well as staff assistance. (431KB)
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