Milwaukee Location and Weather


Known as "A Great Place on a Great Lake," Milwaukee offers a lifestyle that is comfortable, varied, and exciting. Just 90 minutes north of Chicago, Milwaukee offers numerous cultural and recreational opportunities, and is famous for its many ethnic festivals that take place throughout the year. Its scenic location on Lake Michigan provides a wide range of outdoor activities including water sports, biking, camping, and snow skiing, all within an hour's drive of the city. Public transportation is readily available to all parts of the city, as well as to Chicago and other locations in Wisconsin.

The University is located in a quiet residential section of the city near Lake Michigan. With an enrollment of more than 30,000 students, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is the largest of ten universities and colleges in the metropolitan area.


There are four seasons which offer a variety of climate depending on the time of year. Warm spring weather leads to the bright sunny days of the summer months. Cool fall weather means beautiful changes in the color of the leaves. Winters are snowy and cold but also very beautiful.

To find out more about UWM and Milwaukee, please see the Visitor's section of the UWM Web site.

Morocco FlagIn one semester, I saw my English progressing day after day. I have improved my weakness in English by choosing the appropriate elective hour. I enjoyed the social events: the bowling, the snow activities, the baseball game, and watching the play at the repertory theater. I would recommend to my friends in my country willing to improve their English to come to Milwaukee to attend the ESL Program at UW-Milwaukee.
- Hicham from Morocco