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Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy
Email: chaert@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6933
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/CHS//faculty/haertleinc/haertleinc.html
Expertise: Evaluation of function in people with serious mental illness, successful community living and quality of life for people with serious mental illness, falls and fall prevention for community-living elderly. Interests: Outcome measures in falls prevention, outcome measures in treatment of people with serious mental illness.

Dir, Unspecified (8), Athletics/Administration
Email: haidet@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-5669
Home Page: uwmpanthers.com

HAIGH, Thomas
Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies
Email: thaigh@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4707
Home Page: www.tomandmaria.com/tom
Expertise: History of Computing, History of Computers Social Informatics, Virtual Communities, Internet History, Database Management System History, Office Automation History, History of Information Technology
Degrees: B.Sc. & M.Eng, Manchester University, Computer Science, 1995; M.A. (1998) & Ph.D. (2003), University of Pennsylvania, History & Sociology of Science

Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems
Email: mhaines@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-3773
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/Business/faculty/sbafaculty/haines.html
Expertise: Management information systems and organizational strategy. Research interests include the relationship between organizational strategy and IS implementation, customization of enterprise systems, and system integration approaches and technologies, including Web services. Has taught courses in systems integration and middleware technology, Web-based application development, computer programming, data management, and systems analysis and design.
Degrees: Diplom-Informatiker (Masters in Computer Science), Universitýt Koblenz (Germany), 1996; Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Georgia, 2001

HAINS, Anthony A.
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Email: aahains@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4590
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~aahains/
Expertise: Behavioral therapy, behavioral medicine, adolescent health, adolescent psychology, anxiety and anxiety disorders, asthma, medical counseling, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, pediatrics, psychotherapy.

HALL, Lane
Professor, Visual Art
Email: lanehall@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6053
Home Page: http://badscience.org
Expertise: Art and the environment, art and science, digital art, public art.
Degrees: B.S., Colorado College; M.F.A., UW-Madison

Professor Emeritus, History
Email: ahamdani@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 964-4836
Expertise: Islamic civilization, the Fatimid Movement/Caliphate, medieval Yemen, history of religion, the geopolitics of the voyages of discovery.

HAMILTON, Kristie G.
Associate Professor, English
Email: kgh2@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4524
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~kgh2/
Expertise: Late 18th-, 19th-, and early 20th-century American literature and culture (including major figures ? male and female); women?s literature; working-class literature; ethnic literatures; literary regionalism; literary genre; 19th-century American literature, with an emphasis on the diversity of authors and multiplicity of forms that shaped and were shaped by historical events, social practices and other cultural institutions within and outside the United States.
Degrees: B.A., English and Spanish, East Central University, 1980; M.A., English, Arizona State University, 1984; Ph.D., English, University of Texas at Austin, 1991

Professor Emeritus, Political Science
Email: handelma@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4505
Expertise: Comparative Politics, especially Latin America and developing nations.
Degrees: Ph.D.

HANSEN, Sharon
Professor, Director of Choral Activities
Email: sahansen@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-3608
Expertise: Choral music, conducting; orchestral conducting; professional and amateur vocal ensembles; Milwaukee and American choirs; Milwaukee choral history; choral music repertoire; choral music history.
Degrees: B.M., University of Nebraska-Omaha; M.M., University of Nebraska-Lincoln; D.M.A., Conservatory of Music, University of Missouri-Kansas City

HANSON, George W.
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Email: george@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-3885
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~george/
Expertise: Electromagnetics of layered media, including integrated transmission lines and waveguides, printed circuit antennas, and dielectric resonators and antennas; buried dielectric land mine characterization and detection; transient wave propagation in inhomogeneous planery-layered media; antennas for wireless communications.

HANUS, Roberta
Associate Professor and Field Liaison, Social Work
Email: roberta@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6026
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~roberta/
Expertise: www.uwm.edu/Dept/SSW/facstaff/bio/hanus.html
Degrees: B.A., Psychology, San Francisco State University; M.S.W., University of California, Berkeley, 1985

Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
Email: harley@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)219-6178
Expertise: Public health (health promotion); health disparities; physical activity; healthy eating; mutliple health behavior change interventions; social context; mixed methodology designs
Degrees: PhD, Public Health, Ohio State, 2005; MPH, Community Health Education, Indiana U, 1999 BS, Dietetics, Indiana U, 1995

HARRIS, Leslie
Assistant Professor, Communication - General
Email: harrisl@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-2271
Expertise: rhetoric, argument, women in politics, women's history, marriage, motherhood

Assistant Professor, Music
Email: hartman@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4580
Expertise: Music, specifically instrumental music, orchestral music and chamber music. Frequent performer with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.
Degrees: Bachelor of Music, UW?Whitewater; Master of Music, Northwestern University

HASBROOK, Cynthia A.
Associate Dean, Professor, Human Movement Sciences
Email: cah2@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5677
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/SAHP//faculty/hasbrookc/hasbrookc.html
Expertise: Social factors affecting children?s physicality and physical activity involvement, children?s bodies, physicality and gender.

HASEMAN, William
Wisconsin Distinguished Professor/ IBM Professor of IT Management, Management Information Systems;
Email: daveh@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4357
Home Page: http://www.sba.uwm.edu/haseman_d/
Expertise: Internet development, Web technology, wireless communications, decision support systems, emerging technologies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SAP.

HAWI, Sami
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Email: hawi@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4395
Expertise: Islamic philosophy and mysticism, existentialism, phenomenology, philosophical psychology, the philosophy of human nature.

HAWKINS, Jeffrey
Associate Professor, Instruction &Curriculum
Email: hawkinj@uwm.edu
Phone: 414-229-5971
Expertise: Social Studies Education, Content Analysis, Anti-bias & Culturally responsive pedagogy, and Multicultural Education
Degrees: EDD-Multicultural Education (USF), MA-Social Studies Education (NYU), and BA-History (MCLA)

Professor, Biological Sciences
Email: rdh@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6471
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/People/rdh
Expertise: Neuroscience: development of the nervous system, the cellular and molecular basis of specific cell patterns in the developing nervous system, the molecular mechanisms underlying the formation of specific connections between nerve and muscle cells.
Degrees: A.B., University of Missouri, Columbia, 1974; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1981

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Email: pistoccu@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-2254
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/Anthropology/faculty/heatherington.html
Expertise: Environmental anthropology; sustainable development; conservation and environmental justice; European Union
Degrees: B.A. (First Class Honours) in Anthropology McGill University 1990; M.A. Anthropology, specializing in international development, McGill University 1994; Ph.D. Harvard Social Anthropology 2000.

Associate Professor, Anthropology
Email: pistoccu@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-2254
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/Anthropology/faculty/heatherington.html
Expertise: Environmental anthropology; sustainable development; conservation and environmental justice; Europe
Degrees: B.A. (First Class Honours) in Anthropology McGill University 1990; M.A. Anthropology, specializing in international development, McGill University 1994; Ph.D. Harvard Social Anthropology 2000.

Distinguished Professor, Psychology
Email: fjh@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4903
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/People/fjh/
Expertise: Neuroscience, animal learning and behavior, neurobiology of learning and memory, gene expression and neural plasticity, fear and anxiety, motivation, functional brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience, memory and emotion.
Degrees: B.S., St Joseph's University; Ph.D., Dartmouth College

Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies
Email: henderso@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6723
Expertise: Children's literature; young adult literature; multicultural children's and young Adult Literature
Degrees: Ph.D., Language Literacy and Culture, University of Iowa

Associate Professor, Political Science
Email: heouk@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6681
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~heouk/
Expertise: How changes in defense spending affect economic performance, such as investment, employment, export and growth; economic development and security issues in Far East Asia, particularly Korea.
Degrees: B.A., Political Science, Yon Sei University, Seoul, Korea, 1986; M.A., Political Science, University of Wyoming, 1988; Ph.D., Political Science, Texas A&M University, 1996

HEWITT, Jeanne B.
Associate Professor, Nursing; Associate
Email: jbhewitt@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5463
Expertise: Children?s environmental health, including obesity prevention; occupational and environmental epidemiology, with special interests in occupational disease and injury surveillance; reproductive health and chronic diseases, including cancer.
Degrees: B.S., Nursing, UWM, 1983;?M.S., Nursing, UWM, 1986; Ph.D., Nursing Science and Epidemiology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1992

Professor, Economics
Email: heywood@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4437
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~heywood/
Expertise: Labor economics, industrial organization, applied microeconomics, unions, payment schemes, issues of race and gender in the labor market, industrial relations.
Degrees: B.A., Economics, Swarthmore College; M.A., Economics, University of Michigan; Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan

Associate Professor, Physics
Email: cjhirsch@uwm.edu
Phone: 414-229-5748
Home Page: http://www.phys.uwm.edu/people/faculty/chirschmugl.html
Expertise: condensed matter; infrared synchotron radiation; infrared spectroscopy; synchotron microscopy

Professor, History
Email: jdh2@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-3967
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/History/faculty/hoeveler.html
Expertise: American religious history; history of American higher education; American thought and culture
Degrees: B.A., Lehigh University; Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana

Assistant Professor, Geography - General
Email: holifiel@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-4868
Expertise: Environmental justice policy and politics
Degrees: PhD, Geography, University of Minnesota (2007) MA, Geography, University of Georgia (2001) BA, English, Duke University (1993)

HOLMAN, Andrew C.
Adjunct Professor, Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management
Email: holmana@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 390-1190
Expertise: Nonprofit accounting and financial management.
Degrees: B.S., Engineering; B.B.A., Accounting, UWM

HOLT, Jeana
Clinical Assistant Professor, Office Of The Dean
Email: jmholt@uwm.edu
Phone: 414-933-1590
Home Page: http://www4.uwm.edu/nursing/people/directory/bio/?b=jeana-holt
Expertise: Academic Nurse Managed Health Care Centers (ANMHC) Providing Primary Health Care to Vulnerable Populations Health Care Quality Evaluation in ANMHCs
Degrees: DNP, RN, FNP-BC, APNP

Assoc Lecturer, Educational Policy & Community Studies
Email: martyh@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-6552
Expertise: Alternative schools, at-risk education, teacher leadership
Degrees: BS.Ed- UWM, MS.Ed. Admin Ldrshp-UWM

Professor, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Email: horowitz@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6685
Home Page: http://www.execpc.com/~ajh/
Expertise: Travel forecasting, transportation benefits, and social and environmental impacts of transportation policy; land-use impact assessment; single-route ridership forecasting; trip assignment; transit benefits; design of intermodal transfer facilities; freight forecasting; delay in travel forecasting; statewide transportation planning; traffic control; intelligent transportation systems.
Degrees: B.S., Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 1970; M.S., Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 1970; Ph.D., Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles, 1974

Professor, Political Science
Email: shale@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-2399
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/Polsci/faculty/horowitz.html
Expertise: International and ethnic conflict, international economic policy.
Degrees: M.A., Economics, UCLA; Ph.D., Political Science, UCLA

HOSSAIN, M. Mahmun
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Email: mahmun@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6698
Expertise: Organic/organometallic chemistry, asymmetric organic synthesis, synthesis of biologically active organic compounds catalyzed by transition-metals, mechanistic organometallic chemistry.
Degrees: Ph.D., Chemistry, University of South Carolina, 1985

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Email: hosseini@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-5184
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~hosseini/
Expertise: Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Fault-Tolerance, and Embedded Systems.
Degrees: PhD, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa

HUBKA, Thomas
Professor, Architecture
Email: thubka@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5336
Expertise: American working-class housing' Polish wooden synagogues and synagogue architecture; architecture history and theory; New England farm architecture
Degrees: M.Arch., University of Oregon, 1972; B. Arch., Carnegie-Mellon University 1969

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Email: huddlest@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-3360
Home Page: www4.uwm.edu/visuomotor
Expertise: physical therapy, cognitive neuroscience, orthopedics, ergonomics
Degrees: B.S., Physical Therapy; M.S., Human Kinetics; Ph.D.Cognitive Neuroscience

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Email: jhudson@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-2821
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/People/jhudson
Expertise: Archaeology, zooarchaeology, ethnoarchaeology, ecological and evolutionary models, hunter-gatherer adaptations, egalitarian and non-egalitarian social systems, environmental reconstruction.
Degrees: Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California, 1990

Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Email: huinker@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5467
Expertise: Teaching of mathematics, grades K-8; mathematics curriculum, grades K-8; professional development for teachers of mathematics; teacher preparation in mathematics.
Degrees: B.A., Middle School Education, Mathematics Concentration, University of Northern Iowa, 1984; M.A., Mathematics for Elementary and Middle Schools, University of Northern Iowa, 1987; Ed.D., Mathematics Education, University of Michigan, 1990

Adjunct Professor, Lubar School of Business
Email: jhhunter@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 758-0183
Expertise: Business Valuations
Degrees: B.S.C.E., M.B.A.

HUTZ, Reinhold J.
Professor, Biological Sciences
Email: rjhutz@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5416
Home Page: http://people.uwm.edu/rjhutz
Expertise: The regulation of ovarian function/fertility by steroids and environmental pollutants such as PCBs, nanoparticles, and dioxins; we use molecular{(RT-PCR), histologic, autoradiographic, in-vitro culture, and electron microscopic techniques.
Degrees: B.S., Biology, Loyola University of Chicago, 1978; M.S., Biology, Loyola University of Chicago, 1980; Ph.D., Physiology, Michigan State University, 1983

HYNAN, Michael
Associate Professor, Psychology
Email: hynan@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5099
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~hynan/
Expertise: Stress reactions of parents who have delivered a high-risk baby.