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Professor, Social Work-General
Email: kadushin@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6733
Expertise: social work and gerontology, case management, home health care
Degrees: Ph.D., M.A., B.A.

KAHL, Jonathan D. W.
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Email: kahl@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-3949
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/People/kahl/
Expertise: Weather and air pollution, long-range transport of atmospheric contaminants, general meteorology. Author of childrens books about meteorology.
Degrees: B.A., Psychology, University of Michigan, 1981; M.S., Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan, 1983; Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan, 1987

Assistant Professor, School Of Public Health
Email: kalkbren@uwm.edu
Expertise: Epidemiology, autism, air pollution
Degrees: PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, Occupational Science & Technology
Email: kap@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5292
Home Page: http://uwm.edu/healthsciences/directory/kapellusch-jay/
Expertise: Occupational epidemiology, industrial ergonomics, occupational safety, accident prevention, industrial engineering and design.
Degrees: PhD in Engineering with specialty in ergonomics.

KARRON, Jeffrey
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Email: karron@uwm.edu
Home Page: http://www.karronlab.com
Expertise: evolutionary processes occurring in flowering plant populations; pollination
Degrees: B.A., Princeton University; Ph.D., University of Colorado

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Email: jlk@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4889
Home Page: www.anilith.com
Expertise: Aquatic ecology; pollution biology; benthic ecology; invertebrate biology
Degrees: Ph.D., University of Colorado; M.S.; University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; B.S., Winona State University

KATE, Rohit
Assistant Professor, Health Informatics & Administration
Email: katerj@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4216
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~katerj
Expertise: Biomedical Informatics, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Parsing Machine Learning ,Artificial Intelligence
Degrees: Ph.D., Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin, 2007; M.S., Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin, 2002; B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, 2000

KAUTZER, Jeffrey
Adjunct Asst Prof, Electrical Engineering
Email: kautzer@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-5189
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~kautzer/
Expertise: Electronics Design

Assistant Professor, Human Movement Science
Email: keenan@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6080
Expertise: Motor control
Degrees: Ph.D., Integrative Physiology; M.S., Kinesiology

KEIGHER, Sharon Marie
Professor, Social Work
Email: keigher@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4414
Expertise: Macropractice, gerontology, and health policy; funding for human services, Medicaid, welfare; global aging; health aspects of social problems; inequality, advocacy and social activism; women living with HIV; ?gray market? in home care for the aging and consumer control.
Degrees: B.A., Sociology, University of Washington, 1969; M.A., Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, 1971; Ph.D., Social Policy, University of Chicago, 1985

KEITH, William
Associate Professor, English
Email: wmkeith@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5828
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~wmkeith/
Expertise: Public speaking, argumentation, debate, public forums, deliberative democracy, history of teaching communication, history of popular democratic participation.
Degrees: B.A., M.A., Bowling Green State University; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

KEPNER, Henry S.
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction; Associate Dean
Email: kepner@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5253
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~kepner/
Expertise: Teaching of mathematics, grades K-12; mathematics curriculum, grades K-12; mathematics assessment; professional development for teachers of mathematics; teacher preparation in mathematics, grades K-12.
Degrees: B.A., Mathematics, University of Iowa, 1962; M.S., Mathematics, University of Iowa, 1964; Ph.D., Education and Mathematics, University of Iowa, 1970

KEYES, Maureen
Associate Professor, Exceptional Education
Email: mkeyes@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6725
Home Page: www4.uwm.edu
Expertise: School reform related to special education; spirituality and leadership for justice. Keyes taught children with disabilities in the public schools, including Milwaukee Public Schools, for almost 20 years; co-authored the book, "Meeting the Needs of Students of All Abilities."
Degrees: B.S., Special Education, UW-Whitewater; M.S., Special Education, UW-Oshkosh; Bilingual Education, UW-Milwaukee; Ph.D., Special Education, UW-Madison

Senior Lecturer, English
Email: soniak@uwm.edu
Expertise: Creative Writing, American Literature, Cultural Studies, Professional Writing (Business Writing, Technical Writing, Health Science Writing), Global Business Communication.
Degrees: B.A., Philosophy, English with Creative Writing concentration, UWM; M.A., English with Creative Writing concentration, University of Hawaii-Manoa.

Professor, English
Email: maurice@uwm.edu
Expertise: Poetry, fiction, U.S. Latino literature, Colombian literature, creative writing
Degrees: B.S., Psychology, B.A., English, University of Pittsburgh, 1983; M.F.A., Creative Writing, Bowling Green State University, 1986; Ph.D., English and Comparative Literature, UWM, 1990

KIM, Sunwoong
Professor, Economics
Email: kim@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6924
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~kim/
Expertise: Urban economics, regional economics and development economics; East Asia (Korea, Japan and China); education and human resources policy; low income housing policy; racial discrimination in mortgage market and neighborhood changes in American cities; the effect of the racial composition of lenders on the dispositions of mortgage applications; the public policy aspect of neighborhood development and change; brain drain and international migration; spatial statistical analysis as a tool for social science research.
Degrees: B.S., Architecture, Seoul National University, 1976; M.S., Environmental Planning, Seoul National University, 1978; M.S., City and Regional Planning, Harvard University, 1980; Ph.D., Economics, M.I.T., 1985

KIM, Yong-Cheol
Associate Professor, Finance
Email: ykim@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4997
Expertise: International finance and corporate finance, corporate governance focusing on the Japanese and Asian markets, currency exposure management and foreign direct investment, development strategy of transition economies.
Degrees: B.A., Economics, Seoul National University, Korea; M.A., Economics, Ohio State University; Ph.D., Business Finance, Ohio State University

Associate Professor, Accounting
Email: pkimmel@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-4249
Expertise: Financial reporting, financial statement analysis, financial instruments, innovations in accounting education.

KING, Phyllis M.
Professor/Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Occupational Science and Technology
Email: pking@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6175
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~pking/
Expertise: Ergonomics, aging and work performance, treatment and prevention of work-related injuries, and functional capacity evaluations.
Degrees: B.S., Occupational Therapy, UWM, 1983; M.S., Health Services Administration, Cardinal Stritch University, 1986; Ph.D., Administrative Leadership, UWM, 1995

KIRK, Joyce F.
Associate Professor, Africology
Email: jfk2@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5081
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~jfk2/
Expertise: African and African-American historical studies, South African history, African resistance to segregation and apartheid, women?s studies, African Sangomas?traditional doctors in South Africa, rites of passage in contemporary societies, African women/family/youth in urban areas, African-Americans in South Africa in the 20th and 21st centuries, African/African-American linkages, race and science education and curriculum.
Degrees: Ph.D., UW?Madison

KLAPER, Rebecca
Shaw Scientist, Great Lakes WATER Institute
Email: rklaper@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 382-1713
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/GLWI/profiles/rklaper
Expertise: Impact of emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and nanomaterials on ecological and environmental health; genomic indicators of ecological and environmental health; nanotechnology for monitoring and cleaning up the environment; use of genomics and proteomics to detect exposure and effect of contaminants in the Great Lakes Basin in animals and humans; water conservation strategies of the Great Lakes Region.
Degrees: Ph.D., Ecology, University of Georgia, 2000; M.S., Entomology, University of Georgia; 1995; B.S., Biology, University of Illinois Urbana, Illinois, 1992

Associate Professor, Psychology
Email: bklein@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-3060
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~bklein/
Expertise: Cognitive and behavioral characteristics of Williams syndrome, Neurofibromatosis-1; intellectual and developmental disabilities; diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders; cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety in children; child neuropsychology
Degrees: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Cognition & Development

Senior Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences - General
Email: kellyk2@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-4469
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~kellyk2/
Expertise: developmental mathematics
Degrees: PhD - Urban Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Mathematics Education; M.S. - Mathematics; B.A. - Mathematics; B.A. - Spanish

KONKOL, Charles
Senior Lecturer, Lubar Sch of Business
Email: konkol@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-3825
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~konkol/
Expertise: Individual income taxation
Degrees: Bachelors in accounting; Masters in taxation

Assoc Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences - General
Email: davekos@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-5497

Coorinator of American Sign Language Studies Program, American Sign Language Studies Program/Exceptional Education
Email: mkh2@uwm.edu
Phone: 414-395-8287
Expertise: Native American Sign Language (ASL) user, ASL Consultant, ASL Linguistics, and Cinematic Language Features, Deaf Culture, Audism.
Degrees: Masters in Adminstrative Leadership

KREN, Leslie
Associate Professor, Accounting
Email: lkren@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-6075
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/People/lkren/
Expertise: Organizational control, defined as the systems and procedures used by firms to motivate employees to further organizational objectives.
Degrees: Ph.D., Accounting, University of Houston, 1988

Professor, Youth Work
Email: markkrue@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 227-3326
Expertise: Youth work, Professional and Organizational Development, Administrative Leadership
Degrees: Ph.D., Urban Education, UW-Milwaukee, 1982; M.S., Educational Psychology UW-Milwaukee, 1978; B.S. Economics, UW-Madison, 1966

Director Emeritus, University Safety and Assurances
Email: jrk@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 702-5680
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/People/jrk
Expertise: Chemical, Biological and Radiological safety; Environmental Protection; Environmental Health and Safety
Degrees: B.A., Biology/Chemistry, Kalamazoo College, 1969; M.S., Natural Resources, University of Michigan, 1976; Ph.D., Natural Resources (Environmental Chemistry), University of Michigan, 1981

KRITEK, William
Professor, Administrative Leadership
Email: wjkritek@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5254
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~wjkritek/
Expertise: Organizational change, educational policymaking, program evaluation.

Professor/Director, Child and Youth Care Learning Center
Email: markkrue@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5797
Expertise: Youth development and youthwork; teaching, programming, research related to work with at-risk youth; youthworker education; creating organizational cultures for supporting the development of youth and youthwork staff.
Degrees: B.S., Economics, UW?Madison; M.S., Educational Psychology, UWM; Ph.D., Urban Education, UWM

Assoc Prof Emeritus, Electrical Engineerg & Computer Science
Email: rjk@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-5252
Expertise: Parliamentary Procedure
Degrees: BS, MS, PhD - Electrical Engineering

KUIPER, Lawrence
Associate Professor, French & Italian & Comp Literature
Email: kuiper@uwm.edu
Phone: (414) 229-5966
Home Page: http://www.uwm.edu/~kuiper/
Expertise: French language and linguistics; foreign language pedagogy; sociolinguistics; phonetics
Degrees: BA Western Michigan University MA Michigan State University PhD Michigan State University

KWAK, Jung
Assistant Professor, Social Work-General
Email: kwak@uwm.edu
Phone: (414)229-6107
Expertise: Gerontology, end-of-life, cultural diversity, caregiving