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Eligibility Requirements

To receive federal, state, or institutional funds administered by UWM's Financial Aid Office, you must:
  1. Be admitted to UWM in a degree-granting program or as an eligible non-degree student.
  2. Be a U.S.citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
  3. Plan on enrolling for a minimum of six credits as an undergraduate student (except for Pell Grant consideration), four credits as a graduate student, or three credits as a dissertator.Most financial aid programs require at least half-time enrollment.However, a student who has been offered a Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant or Federal Work-study, may be able to retain a prorated portion of those funds.
  4. Meet the Academic Progress Standards as defined by the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Establish and maintain eligibility for the programs for which aid is received.
  6. Not be receiving federal or state financial aid from another institution for the same enrollment period. Students can only receive aid from one institution at a  time—even if enrolled at two schools. However, in some cases, your enrollment and costs at another institution may be considered when determining your financial aid eligibility at UWM. This generally only makes a difference if you are enrolled at UWM less-than full-time and are the recipient of Federal Pell Grant funds. For more information, review our Consortium Agreement.
  7. Be registered with Selective Service (male students only).
  8. Have a valid Social Security Number.
  9. Not be in default on a student loan. Review your federal loans at
  10. Not owe a refund on any federal (Title IV) aid.
  11. Not have aid eligibility suspended or terminated due to a conviction for a drug-related offense that occurred while receiving Title IV assistance.
  12. Not be delinquent in payments of court-ordered child support and/or maintenance (this applies only to State of Wisconsin-controlled grants.)
  13. Demonstrate financial need as determined by our office.


  • Graduate students will be evaluated for a Federal Carl D. Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study funds, and Ford Federal Direct Loans.
  • Second majors (with prior baccalaureates) are not eligible for grants, loans, or federal work-study - a second degree must be pursued.
  • Second degree, special students, students pursuing teaching certification, and non-degree graduate students that are eligible for financial aid will only be offered Ford Federal Direct Loan assistance.
  • Students who are incarcerated are not eligible for certain types of aid and are required by federal law to inform the Financial Aid Office of their incarceration.