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Fellowships, Assistantships and Tuition Waivers

Graduate students may wish to explore a number of opportunities to receive financial assistance through UW-Milwaukee. For information about Graduate Fellowships or Teaching, Project and Research Assistantships, please contact the Graduate School Graduate School Financial Support.

Fellowships, as well as some tuition remissions or waivers, can affect the need-based aid in your financial aid package. Teaching and Project Assistantships (TAs/PAs) no longer affect your eligibility for federal aid. However, the university still reports these resources to the UW System. If you are receiving a tuition waiver, fellowship, or research assistantship from the university and it does not appear in your PAWS financial aid award, please notify our office immediately.  Although TAs and PAs are no longer considered a financial aid resource, the earnings should be listed as untaxed income on the next year’s FAFSA if you file.

It is important for the department awarding you the tuition remission to post the remission/waiver to your PAWS account in a timely manner. If your other financial aid funds are disbursed prior to your remission/waiver being processed, these will automatically be applied to your tuition account balance.  You may not receive any expected refund check until after your tuition remission/waiver has been processed.

Please note that graduate students are automatically assigned a Cost of Attendance/budget that assumes in-state tuition and enrollment in eight or more credits. If you are an out-of-state resident and you do not receive a non-resident tuition remission, you may contact our office to request a review of your financial aid package for a possible revision.