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Locating Scholarships

The Department of Financial Aid provides a number of resources designed to help students in their scholarship search. Locating scholarships can now be done quickly and conveniently via the internet. Although there are some deceitful companies that promise free scholarship money in exchange for an up- front fee, there are many services that are offered free of charge. A list of free scholarship search websites is available in Mellencamp Hall Room 162. Scholarship information is also posted outside Mellencamp Hall Room 162. Check with our office for available applications or for information to contact donors.

Students are also encouraged to investigate the following sources for possible scholarship opportunities:
  • Alumni associations
  • Civic and government organizations
  • Ethnic organizations
  • Fraternities, sororities or related organizations
  • High school guidance counselor
  • Local church or synagogue
  • Parent's or student's employer

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