After You Are Admitted

After you are admitted to UWM, you will be invited to participate in a number of events to get you ready for your undergraduate career.

You should have received a "Next Steps" brochure with your admit letter, which laid out the next steps you need to take on your journey to becoming a UWM student.  We will post below the same information for easy reference. 

An Invitation to Placement Testing

The UWM Testing Center will send you an invitation (beginning in late January or February for fall, or soon after admission) to take your placement tests at UWM. You are required to take placement exams in mathematics and English. Depending upon the courses you took in high school and your intended major, you may also be required to take an exam in chemistry and/or foreign language.

You must take placement tests and complete a few other steps prior to registering for classes. Placement tests help you and your advisor select appropriate courses so you do not enroll in a course that is too easy or too difficult for you. Placement tests will not affect your admission status. You will be notified by mail when you are eligible to sign-up for a test date on the New Freshman Testing Web site. You will not be able to register for a placement test date prior to receiving your letter of invitation.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled date, you can contact the UWM Testing Center to reschedule. Please keep in mind that it is in your best interest to attend your original test date because the earlier you complete placement testing, the earlier you will be invited to New Student Orientation to register for your UWM classes.

Pay the $235 New Freshmen Fee: 

This fee will be posted to your PAWS account after UWM has received and processed your placement test scores (approximately 1-3 weeks).  If you are unable to pay this fee, please contact nsostaff@uwm.edu for more information on applying for a fee deferment.

Submit a University Housing Contract OR Exemption Form: 

All students must submit a University Housing Contract OR an exemption form. Contracts or exemption forms can be submitted prior to taking your placement tests. A completed contract or an approved exemption must be completed to fulfill this step.  Contact University Housing at 414.229.4065 or university-housing@uwm.edu with questions or for more information.

Pay the $300 University Housing Contract deposit:

This deposit applies only to students who submitted a University Housing Contract.  If a student successfully applied for, and received an exemption from University Housing, this step is not applicable.  For more information, visit the University Housing website at uwm.edu/housing or contact them at 414-299-4065 or university-housing@uwm.edu with questions.

An Invitation to New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation (NSO) program is very important for new freshmen to attend because it is where you will register for classes. After completing the steps outlined above, you will be mailed an invitation to participate in an NSO. There are several New Student Orientation programs throughout the summer, but it is to your advantage to sign up for a New Student Orientation session as soon as possible to register for your classes. Registration will be done in a group setting with the assistance of academic advisors. In addition, you will learn about important dates and deadlines, how to use UWM's course registration system, and receive a complete orientation to the university.

An Invitation to Family Orientation

We want to assure you and your family that we'll be here to help ease you through the transition from high school to university life. In addition to offering a registration program to you as an incoming freshman, we invite your family to Family Orientation.

Family Orientation takes place while you attend the New Student Orientation program. Your family will have a chance to tour the campus and residence halls, hear about the faculty perspective, discover how academic advising works, learn about additional support services available, get tips for success from current students, and have questions answered by friendly UWM staff.

When you sign up for New Student Orientation, your family is encouraged to register to attend Family Orientation. Additional information about Family Orientation will be sent in the student's New Student Orientation confirmation mailing.