Transfer Student Common Questions

What is a completed application file?
A completed application file consists of an application, an official high school transcript, an official transcript from each postsecondary institution attended, and the $44 application fee. (See 'Do I have to pay the $44 application fee?' below)

Upon submission of your materials, you will be mailed directions to access your PAWS (Panther Access to Web Services) account to check the status of your application. If after submitting all of the necessary materials, you have not received an admission decision within four weeks, please e-mail the Transfer Student Coordinator at In your e-mail, please include your full name, birth date, and phone number for better service.

When will a decision be made on my application? With a completed application file, you may expect a decision in approximately 6-8 weeks.

When will I receive a credit evaluation, so I know what courses transfer to UWM? Once you are admitted, an official credit evaluation will be mailed out in 6-8 weeks. Because UWM is the largest recipient of transfer students in Wisconsin, we are unable to provide a credit evaluation before you are admitted. But, if you attended a UW System school or a Wisconsin Technical College, you can use the Transfer Information System (TIS) to see how your credits transfer before you receive your official credit evaluation from UWM.

Will UWM accept college credit from other institutions like private colleges, out of state schools, or testing agencies? UWM generally grants transfer credit from regionally accredited 2-year and 4-year institutions. For information on other credits accepted, read our Transfer Credit Policy. UWM also grants college credit for Advanced Placement (AP) exams and International Baccalaureate exams (IB) provided the scores meet minimum requirements and are reported on official score reports. UWM grants credit for several College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams.

How do classes transfer to UWM?After an applicant has been admitted to UWM, descriptions of course work taken at other accredited institutions are reviewed, evaluated, and equated to UWM courses. UWM maintains equivalency tables for all other UW System institutions and other local schools from which we receive a number of transfer applicants. Courses in these tables have been reviewed by Registrar’s Office transfer evaluation specialists and approved by UWM faculty. Courses with content sufficiently comparable to UWM courses transfer as specific UWM courses. Other courses may transfer as elective credits. UWM grants maximum recognition for courses satisfactorily completed for transfer students to satisfy requirements at UWM. See the Transfer Credit page for more detailed information.

Do I have to pay the $44 application fee?All applicants must pay the applications fee unless they meet one of the following exceptions: 1) previously attended UWM as a degree candidate; OR 2) the institution a student attended immediately prior to UWM was one of the 13 2-year campuses in the UW System.

Can I defer admission or change the semester for which I would like to enroll? Yes. If you are changing your term of entry to UWM from one semester to another, go to print off and complete the Admissions office Change Form.

What are the General Education Requirements (GER)? All UWM students must satisfy the General Education Requirements to obtain a degree from UWM. Some programs may require more courses than the minimum General Education Requirements listed. Please speak with an academic advisor in the school/college to which you applied for specific program requirements.

Is there a limit to the number of college credits that UWM will accept? UWM will accept up to 72 credits from two-year accredited institutions. There is no limit for the amount of transfer credits accepted from four-year accredited institutions; however, some credits may transfer as electives that may not count toward graduation requirements. Please keep in mind that UWM students must complete a certain amount of credits in residence in order to obtain a degree from UWM. Please consult the individual school/college for requirements regarding the number and kinds of credits a student must take in residence at UWM to earn a degree.

What if I do not meet the minimum transfer requirements? Most transfer students have a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 on 12 or more transferable credits; however each transfer application receives a comprehensive review. In addition to reviewing the student’s record of post-secondary work, other factors considered may include the student’s high school record, test scores, grade patterns, and evidence of motivation, maturity and/or other relevant nonacademic information. If you do not have a cumulative GPA of 2.0, be sure to provide us with a complete picture of your academic profile by sharing any pertinent information that may have affected your academic performance. The best way to provide this information is by completing the essay portion of the online application.

What if I am an adult returning to school and think I may not meet the admission requirements?Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 414-229-6732 to find out more about admission options.

How do credits convert from a quarter system to a semester system?A quarter credit is the equivalent of 2/3 of a semester credit. Therefore, a student who has taken 30 transferable credits at a quarter system institution will have 20 semester hours transfer to UWM.

How do I apply for on-campus housing? Campus housing usually fills up early at UWM; therefore, if you plan to reside on campus, it is important that you submit an early application. Students who wish to live in the UWM Residence Halls must indicate so on the admission application. The housing application process is simple: Answer "yes" to the housing question on the UWM Application for Admission, and you have applied for on-campus housing.
  • All students who answer "yes" to the question on the Application for Admission -- Do you plan on living on campus? -- will receive a letter acknowledging their housing application along with information about the contract process.
  • Student who answer "no" or leave it blank will not be eligible for on-campus housing.
How do I begin to look for an apartment in Milwaukee? You can begin your apartment search by visiting UWM's Off Campus Housing website for information on available apartments, housing policies, and other UWM students seeking roommates.

What happens to my financial aid when I transfer to UWM?Please contact UWM's Financial Aid Department at 414-229-4541 or email for with questions on how to transfer your FAFSA information to UWM.

What are some general tips on transferring in the UW System?View the UW System's tips on transferring for more information.

What is the Guaranteed Transfer Program? The Guaranteed Transfer Program allows you to begin your college career at a UW College and then transfer to UWM to finish your major requirements and earn your undergraduate degree. When specific program requirements such as GPA and minimum credit requirements are fulfilled, you are guaranteed admission to UWM. Please contact the Student Services Office at your local UW College campus for more information.