When and How to Apply

Applications to the criminal justice major are accepted from September 1 to October 1, February 1 to March 1, and June 1 to July 1. To request an application: 414-229-4851; Enderis Hall, Room 1110; ssw@uwm.edu.

We provide assistance throughout the academic process. We encourage students to contact our professional advisors in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare -- at 414-229-4851 – if they are considering a criminal justice major or are prospective transfer students. Once students are in the major, an advisor will help them plan courses, stay on track, and locate on-campus support if needed (such as for tutoring, financial aid, etc.).

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum of 31 credits in the criminal justice major
  • 120 total college credits, including all degree requirements
  • Cumulative UWM grade point average or 2.0 or better
  • GPA of 2.0 on all criminal justice courses