In order to help UWM comply with HIPAA's Privacy and Security Rules, five training modules were developed. Each training module is targeted to a particular sub-set of the UWM community required to comply with HIPAA, including students, volunteers, employees and researchers.

To determine which modules if any, you are required to take, please log in using your ePanther username and password. You will be asked a number of questions to which you must answer "yes" or "no." After completion of the questionnaire, you will be given a list of the modules you are required to take and links to these modules. Depending on the type of work you perform, you may be required to take more than one training module.

For an overview of the modules you may be required to take, click here.

Each training module consists of three parts: a one page overview explaining the group of individuals the training is targeting and the steps for completing the training; the relevant HIPAA Overview which provides substantive information on the HIPAA regulations which must be followed; and lastly, a quiz for participants to complete once they have read and understood the HIPAA Overview. After completion of the quiz, participants will be prompted to print a certificate for their records confirming their successful completion of the training module. Training records will also be kept by the University.

HIPAA Training Modules
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