Researchers have had positive experiences yielding favorable results utilizing UWM’s Research Computing Service. Here are just a few examples of what UWM faculty has had to say:


“I think the facilitator in this case was a real key for me in finding my way on the cluster. Having someone around who I could email and just get pushed in the right direction when I got stuck was very important.”

Dave Armstrong, assistant professor, Political Science


“In my lab we have good computational facilities, computational photonics is my research. There are two separate things that this cluster has enabled us to do. One of them is to handle the kind of problems that we weren’t able to do before because of the sheer size of the memory or speed requirement needed. The cluster has enabled us to carry out these large computations that we could not do before. There are also call simulations that we could only run a limited number in a finite amount of time. Now, because of the cluster we are able to run many, many more samples of data and collect much better statistics.”

Arash Mafi, assistant professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 


“Having the facilitator that’s able to help us with analyzing our sequences is very valuable. They’re able to basically tell us what kind of programs are available and allow us to interact with the server in a way we probably wouldn’t know how to do otherwise.”

Rebecca Klaper, associate professor,School of Freshwater Sciences.