Greene Museum Entrance

The Greene Museum

Built in 1913

3,000 square feet

Housed 75,000 fossils

1992: Collection moves to Lapham Hall

1993: Enters National Register of Historic Places

2011: Renovation by Stahl Center

About Us

The expertise of Jewish Studies faculty at UWM covers a broad range, with particular strengths in modern history, literature, and culture, especially in Europe and North America. UWM students hold Jewish Studies faculty in high regard for their stimulating and challenging courses, and their engagement with and mentoring of each individual student. The graduate training and career choices of our graduates range widely across such areas as academia, religious and communal leadership, education, and other professional fields.

UWM's Jewish Studies faculty are highly visible as dynamic teachers, scholars, and publicly engaged intellectuals: on and off campus, in the surrounding community, and indeed in print and in person around the world. Our faculty have won prestigious awards for their scholarship, teaching, leadership, and curricular development. They play an active role in their home departments, including History and Foreign Languages and Literature. And they are highly sought-after speakers in the Milwaukee area, and by university programs and academic conferences throughout the United States and abroad.

The Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies actively fosters an intellectual community among faculty and academic staff at UWM and nearby colleges and universities, and among our students. A faculty colloquium showcases the work of Jewish Studies faculty and affiliates in many other programs, with contributions by visiting speakers as well. Open houses for students provide informal occasions for instructors and students to meet, get to know each other, and share ideas. Our newly renovated building includes a flexible-use space perfect for hosting a variety of gatherings.

Significant philanthropy from the Milwaukee community not only made these renovations possible; it has supported Jewish Studies at UWM in many other ways as well. Recent new gifts help support public programs, curriculum developments, and student scholarships. Most notable among these is the establishment of a new scholarship in honor of Emeritus Professor Alan D. Corré, who began teaching Hebrew at UWM in the early 1960s. Though retired from the faculty after a distinguished career, Prof. Corré continues to be actively engaged in the life of the mind, as well as in the lives of his family, colleagues, and many friends.

Partnerships with many departments and programs on campus, and a wide variety of community organizations, are vital to the success of the Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies. On campus, we collaborate on programs with many academic programs, as well as Hillel Milwaukee, the LGBT Film Festival, Peck School of the Arts, Union Theatre, and UWM Libraries. Off-campus partners include the Coalition for Jewish Learning, the JCC Milwaukee, the Jewish Museum Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, the Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center, and the Wisconsin Society for Jewish Learning.