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Current Course List

Spring 2016 Courses

Hebr St 100 Introduction to Judaism TR 11:00AM-12:15PM/Margolis
Hebr St 102 Second Semester Hebrew MTWR 1:00-1:50PM/Ben-Yitschak
Jewish 101 Jewish Culture in America: History, Literature, Film ONLINE/Baum
Hebr St 202 Fourth-Semester Hebrew MTWR 1:00-1:50PM/Ben-Yitschak
Hebr St 230 Bible Stories MW 12:30-1:45PM/Mazor MW 2:00-3:15PM/Mazor
Jewish/Hebrew St 261 Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images ONLINE/Baum TR 12:30-1:45PM/Baum
Hebr St 238 Searching for the Historical Jesus MW 2:00-3:15PM/Brusin
Jewish 238/Poli Sci 328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict MW 12:30-1:45PM/Brusin
Hebrew St 331 Prophets & Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible ONLINE/Margolis
Hebrew St 332 Women in the Bible TR 12:30-1:45PM/Margolis
Jewish 358/Hist 358 The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture 1/25 - 5/02 6:00-8:40PM/Pilnik
Hist 282 The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries ONLINE/Larsen
Hist 364 The Holocaust: Anti-Semitism & the Fate of Jewish People in Europe ONLINE/Silverman

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