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Privacy Officers

Privacy Officers for HIPAA Covered Departments

College of Health Sciences

UWM Audiology Clinic*

  • Tricia Chirillo, Clinical Associate Professor
    Enderis Hall 857
    Telephone: (414) 229-3506
College of Nursing

Institute for Urban Health Partnerships*

  • Bev Zabler
    Cunningham Hall 757
    Telephone: (414) 229-2683

Division of Finance & Administrative Affairs

Department of Internal Audit
Office of Legal Affairs
Risk Management
UITS staff who support Covered Departments

  • Tanya Choice, IT Security & Privacy Analyst
    UITS Information Security Office
    Cunningham Hall B67
    Telephone: (414) 229-1143

Privacy Officers for Non-HIPAA Covered Departments
(responsible for ensuring compliance with other applicable privacy related laws/policies)

College of Health Sciences

Speech and Language Clinic

  • Sherri Sieff, Clinical Professor
    Enderis Hall 857
    Telephone: (414) 229-4025
College of Letters and Science

Psychology Clinic

  • Christopher Martell, Clinical Professor
    Pearse Hall 176
    Telephone: (414) 229-2488
Division of Student Affairs

Norris Health Center

  • Beth Becker, Patient Support Services Manager
    Norris Health Center 121
    Telephone: (414) 229-2980

Athletics Trainers

  • John Ochsenwald, MS, ATC, LAT
    Director of Sports Medicine
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    Pavilion, Suite 250
    Telephone: (414) 229-6572

* Includes Non-UITS UWM IT personnel serving such Provider Units who are not otherwise housed in the Division of Finance & Administrative Affairs.

(Current as of September 22, 2013)

For more information contact your relevant Privacy Officer or UWM's Office of Legal Affairs (414)229-4278.
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