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HIPAA Overviews

Certain subsets of the UWM community are required to comply with HIPAA. To help individuals in each of these subsets understand and comply with the relevant HIPAA regulations, five seperate overviews were developed targeting each subset. These five subsets are as follows:

  • Employees and Volunteers in Covered Departments (as defined in "UWM's Policies and Procedures of the Protection of Patient Health Information Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA")" ("UWM's HIPAA Policies and Procedures");
  • Instructors supervising or teaching a clinical course at UWM;
  • Students in one of UWM's clinical training programs;
  • Researchers using Protected Health Information (as defined in UWM's HIPAA Policies and Procedures); and
  • Individuals who are not part of a Covered Department but who may come into contact with Protected Health Information (the HIPAA "Basics" module targets this group).

For more information contact your relevant Privacy Officer or UWM's Office of Legal Affairs (414)229-4278.
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