Anthropology News

2015 News, Awards and Prizes

Alexandra Frankel, a Master’s student in Anthropology, has been awarded an Arit Summer Fellowship for Intensive Advanced Language Study at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, Awarded by the American Research Institute in Turkey (hosted at University of Pennsylvania).

This fellowship will enable Ali not only to continue improving her Turkish, but also to spend some of her time this summer on her ethnographic research project studying gendered political subjectivities and women’s bridal rituals. Meanwhile, Ali is working on a professional journal article submission related to Turkish women’s political resistance and Twitter.

Professor Bernard Perley had his personal profile published in the online journal/ newspaper Urban Milwaukee.

Two 6-credit faculty-led study abroad opportunities in Summer 2015:

Application deadline March 15. Both undergraduates and graduate students welcome to apply.

Graduate student Kevin Garstki, along with Bettina Arnold and her colleague Matthew Murray, published "Reconstituting community: 3D visualization and early Iron Age social organization in the Heuneburg mortuary landscape" in the Journal of Archaeological Science, 54:23-30.

Recent graduate Ramona Tenorio has been offered a tenure-track job at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Her title will be Assistant Professor of Clinical and Translational Science.

2014 News, Awards and Prizes

Bernard Perley was a co-author of a AAA op-ed piece condemning the use of American Indian mascots by professional sports organizations entitled "This Holiday Season Let's Replace Disparaging Slurs" that appeared in The Blog of the Huffington Post.

Bernard Perley presented his artwork and anthropology research to the Office of Homeland Security/Citizenship and Immigrations Services Field Office in Milwaukee (USCIS). The USCIS organized a celebration of National Native American Heritage Month in response to President Obama's official presidential declaration designating November 2014 as the Native American Heritage Month. The event took place in the Citizenship and Immigration Naturalization Ceremony Room on November 26 from 1:30-2:30pm.

Faculty member Tracey Heatherington was recently awarded a Post-Ph.D. Research Grant by The Wenner-Gren Foundation. Her ethnographic research project, 'The Lively Commons: Seed Banking and Adaptation to Climate Change,' tracks global gene banking initiatives across scales and networks of collaboration, connected through the node of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It will follow particular seeds, and the various meanings and values attached to them, through different physical, social, legal and institutional locations and mediations, mapping out the variety of partnerships and perspectives that materialize along the way.

Graduate student Lara Ghisleni was awarded a Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant to support her project called 'Shifting Ground: Landscape and Mobility in Late Iron Age and Early Roman Southern England.' This research engages with intercultural contact, culture change, and the intersubjectivity of social process, exploring how movement through the spatial and temporal parameters of the landscape articulates socio-economic relations. Congratulations Lara!

An article entitled "The archaeology of death: mortuary archaeology in the US and Europe 1990-2013" by faculty members Bettina Arnold and Robert Jeske has just appeared in the journal Annual Review of Anthropology.

Professor Thomas Malaby presented the invited lecture "The Work of Games in the Age of Digital Production" at the University College London's Center for Digital Anthropology on October 31, 2014.

PhD student Kevin Garstki’s work with Art History Professor Derek Counts is featured in a UWM News feature … Digital Archaeology changes exploration of the past.

Professor Bettina Arnold and Masters candidate Barbara McClendon installed an exhibit at Forest Home Cemetery's "Halls of History" for Doors Open Milwaukee September 20-21, 2014. Featuring the antiquarian pursuits of Milwaukee hardware magnate William Frankfurth and the collection donated in his name to the Milwaukee Public Museum, the exhibit will remain on display through the end of the year.

UWM Anthropology faculty members Bettina Arnold, John Richards and Patricia Richards as well as current PhD students Adrienne Frie, Kevin Garstki, Lara Ghisleni and Alexis Jordan presented papers at the European Association of Archaeologists 20th meeting in Istanbul on September 12. Ghisleni and Jordan organized and chaired a session sponsored by the Archaeology of Gender in Europe working group. Former graduate students Bill Balco and Jim Johnson also chaired sessions and gave papers at the EAA Annual Meeting.

Anthropology PhD student Lara Ghisleni has been awarded a prestigious CHCI IGHERT Dissertation Fellowship sponsored by the Andrew Mellon Foundation and administered by UWM’s Center for 21st Century Studies. The award covers tuition remission, health insurance and a stipend for two years as well as travel to the IGHERT conferences in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Santa Cruz, CA, Canberra, Australia and Giessen, Germany, respectively. Her PhD thesis title is “Shifting Ground: Landscape and Mobility in Late Iron Age and Early Roman Southern England”.

Bettina Arnold gave a lecture on the "German Roots of Wisconsin Brewing: From the Iron Age to the Information Age" at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay on Tuesday August 19th in conjunction with the new exhibit "From Agriculture to Tavern Culture | The Art History and Science of Beer." The curator for the exhibit is Kevin Cullen a recent graduate of Anthropology's Masters and Museum Studies programs.

The UWM Graduate School Research Committee awarded Bettina Arnold $15,000 in Subvention Funds to assist the publication of A Landscape of Ancestors: Archaeological investigations in Two Iron Age Burial Mounds in the Hohmichele Group, Baden-Württemberg. The publication will appear in the prestigious series Forschungen und Berichte zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Baden-Württemberg, Landesdenkmalamt für Denkmalpflege im Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart. Konrad Theiss Verlag.

Ben Campbell presented "The emergence of language with music and ritual: an hypothesis" on June 27 at the Institutoda Lingua Galego, University of Santiago de Compestela in Spain.

Congratulations to Trudy Turner! She recently received the AAPA's Gabriel W. Lasker Award for Distinguished Service to the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, its members, and the field of physical anthropology.

Tracey Heatherington's course "The Political Ecology io Imagination" offered in UWM's Masters of Liberal Studies program was mentioned in a New York Times article.

Murph Pizza's book, Paganistan: Contemporary Pagan Community in Minnesota's Twin Cities, based on her 2009 Anthropology Ph.D. thesis, will be available April 17 from Ashgate Publishing.

Anthropology Department faculty and students participated in the Archaeology Fair held at the Milwaukee Public Museum in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of America - Milwaukee Chapter Friday and Saturday March 7 and 8. See Fox 6 News feature on the Fair.

Ben Campbell presented "Antisocial Behavior In East African Pastoralists: What do Dopamine Genes have to do with it?" at the Evolution Seminar Series, Feb. 27, UW-Madison.

Associate Professor Bill Wood presented "Studying Textiles from the Ground Up: Tracking the story of 'Himatyei' textiles and what they can teach us about globalization" at the Milwaukee Public Museum Lunch and Lecture Series, Feb. 11, 2014.

Professor Bettina Arnold presented the invited lecture "The Lord of the Hunt: Animal Mastery and Elite Status in Iron Age Europe" at the University of Minnesota Anthropology Colloquium, February 7, 2014.

Associate Professor Tracey Heatherington was awarded the 2013 Australian Anthropology Society Essay Prize, for her article "Remodeling the Fortress of Conservation: Living Landscapes and the New Technologies of Environmental Governance" in Anthropological Forum 22(2): 165-185; 2012.

Professor Bettina Arnold was awarded the 2013 UWM Faculty Distinguished University Service Award in recognition of her outstanding service and professional commitment to UW-Milwaukee and higher education.

Senior Scientists Patricia Richards and John Richards along with Professor Robert Jeske received the 2013 Increase A. Lapham Research Medal from the Wisconsin Archeological Society.

Associate Professor Erica Bornstein’s research was feature research was featured in a story on the Today@UWM website.