Anthropology Undergraduate Internships

Course Information

Anthro 289 (Freshman/Sophomore) and Anthro 489 (Junior/Senior) Application of basic principles of anthropology in a business, organizational, educational, political, or other appropriate settings. One credit earned for academic work based on 40 hours in internship (120 hours of work = 3 credits).

Undergraduates may arrange to register for an internship after consulting with their faculty adviser about identifying an appropriate project and/or internship site. The student should print out the generic form (see Forms below), which represents a flexible format of a contract between the student, faculty supervisor (who does not have to be the student's undergraduate adviser) and/or internship supervisor (if different) and bring it to a meeting with the faculty supervisor before registering.


Student Internship Contract (Word, PDF 16kb)
Independent Study Form (Word, PDF 35kb)