Undergraduate Studies in Biological Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences at UWM. Please refer to the guidelines for admission into UWM: Incoming Freshman or Transfer Students for additional information. You may also be interested in the information on financial assistance to students and their families.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers two majors: a general Biological Sciences Major and a Microbiology Major. Minors are also available. The program provides a strong foundation in all areas of biology and the natural sciences, including course and laboratory opportunities in evolution, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, behavior, microbiology, cell and molecular biology, physiology, developmental biology, neurobiology and biotechnology. Curricula can be tailored to fit the unique interests and professional goals of the student. The Department of Biological Sciences provides the basic requirements for entrance into a variety of fast-growing careers related to biology, the bio-medical health professions, as well as preparation for graduate school.

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