Middle Eastern and North African Studies Program Information

The Certificate Program in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENA) is open to all students seeking a bachelor's degree from UWM, to students who previously received a bachelor's degree from UWM or any other accredited university, and to those who do not plan to pursue a college or university degree (non-degree students) but who have a strong interest in this subject.

The certificate program offers students a background in Middle Eastern and North African languages, cultures, history, and civilization. The program requires one year of either Arabic or Hebrew language courses and a historical survey course. Upper-level courses offer students the opportunity to explore Middle Eastern literature, history, politics, religion, and art in greater depth.

Courses totaling 23 credits must be completed with a GPA of 2.75 or better. At least one half of the work for the certificate must be completed at UWM.

The Faculty Committee for the Middle Eastern and North African Studies Certificate Program administers the program, and the Center for International Education provides the advising for the program.

In addition to taking courses related to the Middle East and North Africa, students have the opportunity to meet and study with Middle Eastern scholars who regularly visit UWM through a number of institutional partnerships with Middle Eastern universities. Students may also take advantage of study abroad programs that offer credit for academic work in the Middle East and North Africa.

The following are the detailed requirements of the certificate:

  1. 8 credits (or equivalent) in a single language sequence from either Arabic or Hebrew
    101 First-Semester Arabic
    102 Second-Semester Arabic
    Hebrew Studies
    101 First-Semester Hebrew
    102 Second-Semester Hebrew
    105 Intro to Biblical Hebrew I
    106 Intro to Biblical Hebrew II
  2. At least one course from the following survey history courses:
    280 Islamic Civilization: The Formative Period, ca 550-1258
    281 Islamic Civilzation: The Middle Period, ca 1200-1805
    282 The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentienth Centuries
  3. At least 12 additional credits selected from the approved electives lists, of which at least 9 credits must be at 300 level or above, and one must be from the Hebrew Studies Department:
    111 Cultures and Civilizations of the Muslim Middle East
    164 Arabs and Islam in America
    199 Independent Study
    201 Third-Semester Arabic
    202 Fourth-Semester Arabic
    297 Study Abroad: (all subtitles)
    299 Ad Hoc: (all subtitles)
    301 Fifth Semester Arabic
    302 Sixth Semester Arabic
    497 Study Abroad: (all subtitles)
    699 Advanced Independent Study (all topics)
    533 Signature Buildings in Geopolitical Context
    Art History
    315 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
    324 Art and Architecture of Byzantium
    326 Heretics & Iconoclasts: The Art and Arch of the Christian East
    327 Islamic Art in Medieval Spain
    435 Art and Architectrue Along the Western Silk Road
    299 Ad Hoc: “Egyptian Hieroglyphics”
    390 Egyptian Mythology
    499 Ad Hoc: “Egyptian Hieroglyphics”
    Comparative Literature
    135 Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century: “Middle East through Fiction and Film”
    231 Literature and Religion: “The Quran as Literature”
    350 Topics in Comparative Literature: “Arabic Women’s Writing”
    360 Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: “Arabic Women Writers in Translation”
    533 Seminar in Trends in Modern Literature: “Development of the Arabic Novel”
    247 Literature and the Human Experience: “The Bible as Literature – The Old Testament”, “The Bible as Literature – The New Testament”
    Film Studies
    350 Global Jewish Film and Television: (Subtitled)
    231 Geography of Islam
    410 Gendered Geographies
    Hebrew Studies
    201 Third-Semester Hebrew
    202 Fourth-Semester Hebrew
    205 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I
    206 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II
    231 Intro to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
    232 Survey of the Literature of the Post-Biblical Period
    235 The Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible
    236 The Biblical World
    238 Topics in Hebrew/Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”
    249 History of Jewish Civilization: Biblical Period
    254 Studies in Hebrew Culture: “Contemporary Israeli Film”, “Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed”
    261 Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images
    268 Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust
    274** Ancient Egyptian Civilization
    299 Ad Hoc: “Jews, Christians, and Muslims – Three Religions, One God”, “The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth”
    301 Modern Hebrew Lit I, in Hebrew
    302 Modern Hebrew Lit II, in Hebrew
    303 Modern Hebrew Lit I, in English
    304 Modern Hebrew Lit II, in English
    321 The Holocaust & the Politics of Memory
    332 Women in the Bible
    381 Honors Seminar (w/subtitle)
    418 Modern Hebrew Drama in Translation
    419 Contemporary Israeli Poetry in Translation
    474 Introduction to the Mishna
    476 Introduction to the Targum
    274** Ancient Egyptian Civilization
    280*** Intro to Middle Eastern & Western Culture
    281*** Islamic Civilzation: The Middle Period, ca 1200-1805
    282*** The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentienth Centuries
    283 Arab-Israeli Relations: The Search for Peace
    319 The Era of the Crusades
    383 North Africa from the Arab Conquest to the Present
    385 Political Islam to Zionism: Middle Eastern Intellectual History, 1789-1990
    386 Africa: The Age of Empire, to 1880
    387 Africa: Imperialism and Independence Since 1880
    401 Topics in Middle Eastern History: (all subtitles)
    Jewish Studies
    261 Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images
    268 Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust
    461 Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism
    552(442) Special Topics in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: “Maimonides”
    Political Science
    327 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
    328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
    329 African Politics (660)
    371 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
    Public Health
    385** Summer Study Abroad: "Maternal and Infant Health in Morocc: Women's Rights and Family in Islam"
    Womens Studies
    300 Gender and Spirituality: “Women and Gender in Islam”

** Jointly offered; may be taken under only one area.

*** If not taken under Section II.