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This is a list of courses that have been approved as electives for the Peace Studies Certificate. This is not an exhaustive list and new courses can always be approved as electives with the permission of the Academic Advisor Kate Powers ( Because courses change, are not always offered, and new courses are introduced each semester, please consult the course catalog for the relevant semester(s) to see the full range of courses that might be applied toward a Peace Studies Certificate.

218 Conflict and Cooperation in Black-White Relations
265 Psychological Effects of Racism
300 Urban Violence
322 Order and Disorder: The Quest for Social Justice
150 Multicultural America
192 Freshman Seminar: “Communication and Conflict”
350 Intercultural Communication
363 Communication in Human Conflict
365(520)* Negotiation Skills Workshop
631 Current Topics in Interpersonal Communication/Conflict Management: “Genocide and Communication”
662 Seminar in Communication: “Communication and Civility”
665* Introduction to Mediation
675* Communication in International Mediation and Peacebuilding
Comparative Literature
230 Literature and Society: "Existentialism"
230 Literature and Society: “Children/Youth as War Casualties”
231 Literature and Religion: (all subtitles)
232 Literature and Politics: “Contemporary Women Writers and the Ethics of Violence”, “Gender and the Historical Novel”, “Women and War”
233 Literature and Film: “Film and War”
433 Comparative Mythology
Conservation and Environmental Science
210 Introduction to Conservation and Environmental Science
471 Principles of Natural Resource Management
490 Senior Seminar: Conservation and Environmental Science
Criminal Justice Program
416 Domestic Violence Research
420 Violence and the Criminal Justice System
592 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice: “Restorative Justice”
353 Economic Development
Educational Policy and Community Studies
411 Conflict and Change in Community-Based Organizations
520 Peace Education
521 Nonviolence in Education
522 Abusive Relationships: Community Problems, Community Solutions
579 Current Topics in Cultural Foundations of Education: “Antiracist Education”
150 Multicultural America
192 Freshman Seminar: “Vietnam in American Culture”
247 Literature and Human Experience: "Literature of the Ecological Vision", "Whitman and Ginsberg – Liberating American Bards"
293 Literature and Media: “African American Literature on Film”, “Vietnam in American Culture”
Ethnic Studies
250 Selected Topics in Ethnic Studies: “Ethnic Groups – Processes in Contemporary Russia”, “Speaking in Tongues – Language, Race, and Power”, “Starbucks, Ethnicity, and Globalization”, “Women as Migrants and Workers”
Exceptional Education
617 Cooperative Learning: Creative Conflict
120 Our Physical Environment
125 Introduction to Environmental Geography
350 Conservation of Natural Resources
Global Studies
101 Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics
201 Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment
202 Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Technology
311 Contexts for Global Management
351 Language, Media and Social Practice in Global Communications
371 Rethinking Global Security
442 Humanitarianism in Global Perspective
447 The Global Politics of Human Rights
451 Access, Security and Intercultural Contexts in Global Communications
471 Strategies for Realizing Security in Global Contexts
499 Ad Hoc: “Gender and Globalization”, “Global Security I: Rethinking International Security”
541 Cross-Cultural Management
551 Global Communications Capstone: Future Trends
245 Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Hebrew Studies
238 Topics in Hebrew/Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: “The Holocaust in Literature and Film”, “The Arab-Israeli Conflict”, “The Holocaust in Words and Images”
254 Studies in Hebrew Culture: “The Arab-Israeli Conflict”, “A Home for the Jews”, “Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Three Religions, One God”
150 Multicultural America
200 Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues: “The Civil Rights Movement in America”, “Civil Strife in Northern Ireland”
249 The Second World War in Europe
280 Islamic Civilization: The Formative Period, ca. 500-1258
281 Islamic Civilization: The Middle Period, ca. 1200-1805
282 The Modern Middle East in the 19th and 20th Centuries
283 Arab-Israeli Relations: The Search for Peace
286 The Korean War
287 The Vietnam War
358 The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture
363 Germany: Hitler and the Nazi Dictatorship
364 The Holocaust: Anti-Semitism and the Fate of the Jewish People in Europe, 1933-1945
370 Topics in the History of Religious Thought: “Buddhist Thought”, “Introduction to Buddhist Thought”
385 Political Islam to Zionism: Middle Eastern Intellectual History, 789-1990
434 The United States as a World Power in the 20th Century
440 History of American Working Classes
457 Military History of the United States
594 Methods and Theory in the Historical Study of Religion: “Women, War and Religion in Early Medieval Europe”
600 Seminar in History: “Incarcerated – Japanese-Americans and World War II”, “The Cold War as History”, “World Wars and Anti- Socialist Politics”
200 Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind – “War Stories—Art and Experience from the Front Lines”
International Studies
550 Senior Seminar in International Studies: (w/appropriate subtitle)
661 Seminar in Media Communication and Society: “War and the Media”
Peace Studies
201* Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Peace
204 Introduction to Asian Religions
244 Ethical Issues in Health Care: all topics
271 Philosophical Traditions: “Western Great Lakes American Indian Philosophy”
355 Political Philosophy
475 Special Topics in Indian Religious Thought: “Gandhi and Nonviolence”
Political Science
175* Introduction to International Relations
316 International Law
333 Seminar in Comparative Politics: “Collective Violence and the State”
337 International Organization and the United States
338 Seminar in International Relations: (all subtitles)
339 European Integration
340 Politics of Nuclear Weapons
359 Problems In American Foreign Policy
361 History of International Political Thought
362 Ethics and International Relations
365 Theories and Methods in International Politics
370 International Conflict
371 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
464 Women and the Law
611 Current Topics: “Psychology of Conflict, War, and Peace”
150 Multicultural America
215 Religion and Society
325 Social Change
450 Environmental Sociology
Urban Studies
350 Social Justice, Urban Planning and the New Multicultural America
360 Perspectives on the Urban Scene: “The Urban Riot”, “Crime and Violence in the City”
Womens Studies
150 Multicultural America

* If not selected as a required course.