Scandinavian Studies Certificate Program

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Scandinavian Studies Certificate

The process for officially enrolling in the Certificate Program is a simple one. Interested students should contact ...

Jennifer Watson
Program Coordinator
Foreign Languages and Linguistics
Curtin Hall 896

Phone: 414-229-4547

To sign-up for the certificate program you will need to complete a Declaration of Certificate Program form.

Program Information

The Scandinavian Studies Certificate Program is open to all students seeking a bachelor's degree from UWM and to students who previously received a bachelor's degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university. Students currently involved in baccalaureate studies who successfully complete the requirements of the program will be awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Students who already have a bachelor's degree receive the certificate upon completion of the program requirements.

To complete the certificate, students must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in 18 credits of Scandinavian studies courses selected from the following two areas:

Scandinavian Languages: 9 credits

180 First-Semester Swedish, 3 cr.
181 Second-Semester Swedish, 3 cr.
280 Third-Semester Swedish, 3 cr.
281 Fourth-Semester Swedish, 3 cr.

Scandinavian Studies: 9 credits

Comparative Literature
240 Norse Mythology, 3 cr.
239 Geography of Scandinavia, 3 cr.
114 Scandinavian Life and Culture, 3 cr.
115 Seminar on Scandinavian Culture: (Subtitle), 3 cr.
270 German Myths and Legends: ("The Vikings" subtitle), 3 cr.
699 Independent Study: ("Hans Christian Andersen" and/or "Nineteenth Century Scandinavian Literature" subtitles) [Additional appropriate courses may be offered under this rubric.]
371 Topics in European History: ("History of the Vikings " subtitle), 3 cr.
433 Nineteenth Century Philosophy, 3 cr.
435 Existentialism, 3 cr.
453 Special Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy: (with appropriate subtitle), 3 cr.

Scandinavian studies courses completed elsewhere, with the approval of the program coordinator, will be accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the certificate. The majority of the certificate requirements may be completed at Malardalen University, UWM's sister university in Sweden. Students attending Malardalen University pay UWM tuition and take courses on the Swedish language and Scandinavian culture. Students also may take courses in pursuit of their other academic interests, either in Swedish or in English.