Hebrew Studies

The Joy of Reading the Bible

Yair Mazor, Professor

Course: HEBR ST 192, SEM 001
Class Number: 50002
Credits: 3 HU
Time: MW 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Place: BOL B64

Course Description:

This seminar, dedicated to the Bible, aims to acquaint the student with some of the most exciting Biblical figures and the chronicles, events, and plots with which they are engaged.  Throughout this seminar students will learn how to insightfully read Biblical text and systematically analyze it.  Students will learn how to discern literary devices in Biblical text and how to unveil the various way that they shape and deliver the Biblical message. 

About the Instructor:

Who is the professor? He is Yair Mazor. Both his given name and surname are Biblical names, meaning light and cure. The professor has taught during the last 37 years in universities in U.S.A., Europe and Israel. Years ago, he was a combat paratrooper who fought in wars and later became an instructor of parachuting and sky-diving. However, those days of being tough are over... Dr. Mazor is a very patient, easy going professor, always happy to listen to the student, to help the student, to encourage the student, to be as compassionate and understanding as possible .