Department of History Faculty

Jasmine Alinder, public history, visual culture and museum studies; Director, Urban Studies Program; Coordinator of Public History
Margo Anderson, U.S. urban and social history, quantitative methods
Joe Austin, modern U.S. urban, popular, and youth culture
Rachel Buff, modern U.S. social and cultural, immigration and ethnicity; Coordinator, Comparative Ethnic Studies Program
Martha Carlin, medieval history, Britain, London, food, daily life
Greg Carter, modern U.S. social and intellectual, mixed-race, civil rights, popular culture
Winson Chu, Germany, Modern Central Europe
David DiValerio, History of religion, Tibetan Buddhism
Carolyn Eichner, France, women, and gender and politics
Christine Evans, Modern Russia/Soviet Union
Marcus Filippello, Sub-Saharan African history, environmental history
Carlos Galvao-Sobrinho, ancient history, Rome, early Christianity
Kimberly Hernandez, U.S. West, U.S. labor, working-class, immigration, & urban history
J. David Hoeveler, U.S. intellectual and religious history
Douglas Howland, Modern China and Japan, cultural interaction, international law and the state
Glen Jeansonne, U.S. 20th century, political history
Nan Kim, Modern Korea, family, war memory, intersections between history and anthropology
Marc Levine, North American urban history, public policy, Canada and Québec; Director, Center of Economic Development; Director, Center for Canadian-American Policy Studies; Director, Consortium for Economic Opportunity, UWM Milwaukee Idea
Genevieve McBride, U.S. women, advertising and popular culture, Wisconsin
Aims McGuinness, Latin America, global history
Cary Miller, Native American
Philip Minehan, 20th century southern European comparative history
Katherine Paugh, health and healing, early modern Caribbean, colonial and revolutionary America
Neal Pease, Poland, eastern Europe
Helena Pycior, science, intellectual and cultural history, race and gender, animals
Lex Renda, 19th century U.S.
Joseph Rodriguez, U.S. minorities, urban history
Kristin Ruggiero, Latin America, Argentina; Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Associate Director, Center for International Education
Amanda Seligman, U.S. urban and social history, public policy, community organizing
Lisa Silverman, modern Jewish history, cultural history, and gender
Robert S. Smith, African American history, Civil Rights, Race and Law
Chia Youyee Vang, 20th century U.S.-Asia relations, Cold War politics, Asian American history, race, gender, refugee migration, transnational and diaspora communities; Coordinator of Hmong Diaspora Studies Program
Merry Wiesner-Hanks, Renaissance and Reformation, women, Christianity, global history