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Approved Courses

Hmong Courses

  Hmong/Linguis 105: First-Semester Hmong
  Hmong/FLL 107: First-Semester Hmong Literacy
  Hmong 199: Independent Study
  Hmong 265: Hmong Americans: History, Culture, and Contemporary Life
  Hmong 289: Internship in Hmong Studies, Lower Division
  Hmong 296: UROP Apprenticeship
  Hmong 297: Study Abroad
  Hmong 489: Internship in Hmong Studies, Upper Division
  Hmong 496: Advanced UROP Apprenticeship
  Hmong 497: Study Abroad
  Hmong 699: Advanced Independent Study

Primary Focus on Hmong Cultural Groups Courses

  Anthro 150: Multicultural America
  English 150: Multicultural America
  English 192: Freshman Seminar: "Hmong American Life Stories"
or "Southeast Asian American Life Stories"
  Ethnic 102: Transnational Migrations: Asian-, Arab-, Euro-American and Latino Identity
  Ethnic 265: Hmong Americans: History, Culture and Contemporary Life
  Ethnic 699: (Advanced Independent Study)
  FLL 103: First Semester of an Uncommonly Taught Language: "Hmong"
  FLL 104: Second Semester of an Uncommonly Taught Language: "Hmong"
  FLL 107: First Semester Hmong Literacy
  FLL 108: Second Semester Hmong Literacy
  FLL 203: Third Semester Hmong Literacy
  FLL 204: Fourth Semester of an Uncommonly Taught Language: "Hmong"
  Hist 150: Multicultural America
  Hist 269: Asian Americans in Historical Perspective
  Hist 287: The Vietnam War
  Hist 436: Immigrant America Since 1880
  WMNS 150: Multicultural America

Students should consult with the coordinator for a list of approved courses with secondary focus on Hmong cultural groups.

Schedule of Classes

UWM Schedule of Classes