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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is unique in the academic curriculum in that it cannot be taught. One can teach about philosophy or about what philosophers have said, and one can expound one's own philosophical views. But, philosophy itself isn't a body of knowledge which can be imparted like the facts of science, history, or literature. In its classical sense, philosophy is a love of wisdom — of understanding, insight, and sound judgment. And the most that one can do is to encourage the cultivation of these traits in others. The hard work of developing them must be done by oneself.

Why, Then, Study Philosophy?

  • Because it can help you acquire the necessary discipline for this understanding — the cultivation of a love of wisdom;
  • Because it can develop your critical and analytical capacities to a higher degree than any other field of study;
  • Because it will engage you with the thoughts of some of history's most challenging thinkers — many of whose ideas are essential to understanding our present world.