Career Opportunities

Spanish majors acquire skills that are increasingly in demand during this age of international trade and travel. Recognizing this, employers tend to hire bilingual over monolingual individuals. These are some of the fields that hire workers with Spanish skills:

  • Business: Opportunities for bilingual employees abound in translating, advertising, sales, International trade, banking, finance, and law. Bilingual travel agents, tour guides, hotel and restaurant managers are needed as are high-tech workers to produce bilingual web sites, and bilingual workers in publishing.
  • Medical: Employers need translators to provide vital information to the increasing numbers of Spanish-speakers who use medical services. Medical firms engaged in international commerce, marketing, and research also need bilingual workers.
  • Law and Criminal Justice: The ability to communicate with diverse communities qualifies individuals for a variety of positions in law (providing legal services and advice) and law enforcement.
  • Media: As Spanish-language newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and web sites proliferate, employers need bilingual reporters, anchors, office staff, and technology workers.
  • Government: Federal, state, and city administrators increasingly need to communicate in Spanish with their diverse populations. Local agencies require bilingual social workers. Diplomatic positions require foreign language skills as do Immigration agencies. Those seeking volunteer or paid opportunities abroad should be bilingual.
  • Community work: Non-profit community organizations increasingly provide essential social services to diverse populations. These organizations need bilingual administrators, accountants, staff workers, and lobbyists. Community cultural groups also are looking for bilingual workers to serve as fund raisers and event promoters.
  • Teaching: The demand for Spanish language teachers in schools and colleges has increased. Bilingual schools and Spanish immersion schools require bilingual teachers and staff. ESL teachers benefit from knowledge of Spanish.