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Archives Held at the AGS Library

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AGS-NY Archives

The American Geographical Society Archives consists of approximately 540 cubic feet (10,000 pounds) of materials, including documents, photographs, drawings, and artifacts relating to all of the great names in American exploration and the larger field of geography from the mid 19th century through most of the 20th. The archives are currently being processed through an Andrew Mellon Foundation grant awarded through the Council on Library and Information Resources. The archives were transferred under terms of a deposit agreement from New York City to Milwaukee in 2011.


AAG Archives

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) Archives is located at the American Geographical Society Library at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Information on the archives and a table of contents can be found on the AGS Library's AAG Archives web page.


William O. Field Archives

The William O. Field Archives include papers of the glaciologist and lecturer, mostly dating from the late 1920s and early 1930s. Field specialized in Russian geography and culture. The collection includes notes, postcards, travel journals, photographs and motion pictures of his journeys throughout the Soviet Union, especially Georgia and its upper Svanetia (Swanetia) regions (43N, 42E), from 1928 until the 1970s. Field’s partially indexed photographs and movie film contain images of Moscow from 1929-1931 and Georgia in 1933. Please contact AGS Library staff members for more information on the archives. Visit here to view finding aid.


National Wetlands Inventory

The National Wetlands Inventory includes photo-transparencies, the subsequently-created wetland maps, and other documents used in the creation of the National Wetlands maps. This collection includes photos, maps and notes from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and selected records from Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Texas, as well as, a few Midwestern military base locations. For more information, see the National Wetlands Inventory web page.


Atlas of Disease

The Atlas of Disease is a series of maps, or plates, published by the American Geographical Society during the 1950s. The AGS Library houses the atlas as part of its cartographic collections. The AGS Library also houses the papers of Jacques M. May, which include medical statistics, preliminary maps, epidemiology of diseases, bibliographies, and academic studies of diseases as research for the Atlas of Disease. Visit here to view the finding aid.

C. Warren Thornthwaite

The C. Warren Thornthwaite (1899-1963) archive is a large international collection of fugitive materials collected over the course of his career. These materials relate to his interest in climatology and related subjects and are accessible through a card catalog at the AGS Library. 

See also Thornthwaite materials in the Archives of the Association of American Geographers:(located in the AGS Library). Thornthwaite was an essential founder of geographical climatology. After professorships at Oklahoma University and Johns Hopkins, he established the Laboratory of Climatology, and eventually Thornthwaite Associates, as independent research and consulting institutions.


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