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Movie Soundtracks

NOTE: Movie DVDs/VHSs are found in the Media & Reserve Library (located in the basement of the West wing of the Golda Meir Library). A similar list of DVDs/VHSs held by the Media Library can be found here: Feature Films

The UWM Music Library is located on the second floor east wing of the Golda Meir Library.

Title Call Number
127 hoursC-Disc Z MAA 1127
2001, A Space OdysseyC-Disc Z MAA 1100
2001: Music from the Films of Stanley KubrickC-Disc Z MAA 1095
3:10 to YumaC-Disc Z JAA 1272
The adventures of Tintin: the secret of the unicornC-Disc Z NAA 1124
A.I.C-Disc Z EAA 1239
Alice in WonderlandC-Disc Z NAA 1002
AlamoC-Disc Z JAA 1051
American BeautyC-Disc Z EAA 1248
AmistadC-Disc Z EAA 1266
Angela's AshesC-Disc Z EAA 1245
The ArtistC-Disc Z NAA 1125
AtonementC-Disc Z JAA 1242
AvatarC-Disc Z MAA 1003
AviatorC-Disc Z IAA 1410
BabelC-Disc Z JAA 1222
Batman ReturnsC-Disc Z IAA 1539
Beautiful MindC-Disc Z EAA 1240
Big FishC-Disc Z GAA 1028
BirdC-disc Z NAA 1048
Black swanC-Disc Z NAA 1131
Blood diamondC-Disc Z KAA 1003
Broken FlowersC-Disc Z IAA 1615
Captain Corelli's MandolinC-Disc Z JAA 1050
CasanovaC-Disc Z IAA 1537
The Cat's MeowC-Disc Z NAA 1025
ChicagoC-Disc Z JAA 1058
ChocolatC-Disc Z EAA 1252
ChorusC-Disc Z JAA 1076
Cider House RulesC-Disc Z EAA 1247
Clockwork OrangeC-Disc Z KAA 1025
Clockwork OrangeC-Disc Z MAA 1090
Cold MountainC-Disc Z GAA 1027
Constant GardenerC-Disc Z IAA 1427
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonC-Disc Z EAA 1253
Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonC-Disc Z KAA 1071
Danny the DogC-Disc Z LAA 1303
Dark KnightC-Disc Z KAA 1113
DefianceC-Disc Z KAA 1069
DepartedC-Disc Z JAA 1207
Devil in a Blue DressC-Disc Z EAA 1005
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the HatC-Disc Z FAA 1118
Dr. StrangeloveC-Disc Z MAA 1094
ElizabethC-Disc Z EAA 1257
EmmaC-Disc Z EAA 1277
English PatientC-Disc Z FAA 1032
EvelynC-Disc Z IAA 1536
Eyes Wide ShutC-Disc Z MAA 1096
Fantastic Mr. FoxC-Disc Z MAA 1016
Farinelli, il CastratoC-Disc Z IAA 1492
Finding NemoC-Disc Z GAA 1029
Finding NeverlandC-Disc Z HAA 1033
Fog of WarC-Disc Z LAA 1163
Full Metal JacketC-Disc Z MAA 1093
Full MontyC-Disc Z EAA 1259
Garden StateC-Disc Z GAA 1419
Ghost WorldC-Disc Z EAA 1136
GladiatorC-Disc Z EAA 1251
Glass BoxC-Disc Z KAA 1045
Good Will HuntingC-Disc Z EAA 1255
Gosford ParkC-Disc Z IAA 1372
GuysC-Disc Z JAA 1060
HammerC-Disc Z EAA 1230
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. Part 2C-Disc Z NAA 1143
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceC-Disc Z MAA 1017
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanC-Disc Z HAA 1034
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneC-Disc Z EAA 1241
Home of the BraveC-Disc Z ANR 2803
House of Sand and FogC-Disc Z GAA 1031
How to Train Your DragonC-Disc Z MAA 1126
HugoC-Disc Z NAA 1122
Hurt LockerC-Disc Z MAA 1032
InceptionC-Disc Z MAA 1147
IncrediblesC-Disc Z IAA 1466
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullC-Disc Z KAA 1094
Iron ManC-Disc Z KAA 1112
John Carpenter film music collectionC-Disc Z EAA 1228
JunoC-Disc Z KAA 1114
King ArthurC-Disc Z IAA 1535
King KongC-Disc Z JAA 1140
King's SpeechC-Disc Z MAA 1128
Kite RunnerC-Disc Z JAA 1251
KundunC-Disc Z EAA 1261
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsC-Disc Z HAA 1037
Life is BeautifulC-Disc Z EAA 1262
Little Shop of HorrorsC-Disc Z JAA 1290
Lives of OthersC-Disc Z LAA 1142
LolitaC-Disc Z MAA 1092
Lord of the Rings, The Return of the KingC-Disc Z GAA 1032
Lord of the Rings, The Two TowersC-Disc Z GAA 1030
Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the RingC-Disc Z EAA 1242
Memoirs of a GeishaC-Disc Z IAA 1428
Michael ClaytonC-Disc Z JAA 1252
MilkC-Disc Z KAA 1070
Million Dollar BabyC-Disc Z IAA 1407
MiseĀ“rablesC-Disc Z AMZ 4898
Monsters, Inc.C-Disc Z EAA 1254
Moulin Rouge!C-Disc Z EAA 1296
Music ManC-Disc Z HAA 1020
NapoleonC-Disc Z ANA 1148
NaqoyqatsiC-Disc Z IAA 1376
O Brother, Where Art Thou?C-Disc Z EAA 1288
Other ConquestC-Disc Z IAA 1532
Pan's LabyrinthC-Disc Z JAA 1204
Passion of the ChristC-Disc Z HAA 1035
PatriotC-Disc Z EAA 1250
PeppermintaC-Disc Z LAA 1463
PleasantvilleC-Disc Z EAA 1265
ProducersC-Disc Z JAA 1203
Purple RainC-Disc Z FAA 1277
RatatouilleC-Disc Z JAA 1205
RayC-Disc Z IAA 1411
Red ViolinC-Disc Z EAA 1314
Saturday Night FeverC-Disc Z FAA 1266
Saving Private RyanC-Disc Z EAA 1264
Seven Brides for Seven BrothersC-Disc Z JAA 1289
Shakespeare in LoveC-Disc Z EAA 1256
Shakespeare's Henry VC-Disc Z IAA 1295
Sherlock HolmesC-Disc Z MAA 1002
Shot at GloryC-Disc Z JAA 1053
Show BoatC-Disc Z HAA 1028
The ShrineC-Disc Z NAA 1137
Singin' in the RainC-Disc Z JAA 1282
Slumdog MillionaireC-Disc Z KAA 1068
The Social NetworkC-Disc Z MAA 1125
Sound of MusicC-Disc RCA 12005
SpartacusC-Disc Z MAA 1080
St. PatrickC-Disc Z LAA 1194
Star TrekC-Disc Z MAA 1001
Star Wars, Episode III, Revenge of the SithC-Disc Z IAA 1458
Step UpC-Disc Z JAA 1056
Sweet NovemberC-Disc Z EAA 1131
Talented Mr. RipleyC-Disc Z EAA 1246
There Will Be BloodC-Disc Z KAA 1096
Thin Red LineC-Disc Z EAA 1263
Tinker, tailor, soldier, spyC-Disc Z NAA 1123
Tron legacyC-Disc Z NAA 1138
War horseC-Disc Z NAA 1121
War of the WorldsC-Disc Z IAA 1152
William Shakespeare's HamletC-Disc Z EAA 1271