Global Village

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The Global Village is comprised of two independent, yet interrelated LLCs: Global Connections and L2F2.

While the two LLCs each take a different approach, all of them are focused on building students' appreciation for global cultures and the importance of learning and applying the tools and skills needed for living and participating in a global society.

These LLCs are perfect for domestic students who are planning to study abroad later in their academic career, plan on pursuing global studies or foreign languages, or just have an interest in learning more about other cultures. The LLCs are also perfect for international students who would enjoy sharing their own culture, while learning about other cultures.

Students who select "Global Village LLC" in the online University Housing contract will learn more about these options at New Student Orientation (NSO) during Summer 2014. At NSO, students will also select in which of the two Global Village LLCs they want to participate in.

To learn more about these LLCs, click below:

Global Connections

L2F2: Languages, Literature, Film & Food