Our Independant Study Lab (Curtin B97)
Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

The Faculty Development Lab
(Curtin B20N) open hours:
10:00am - 2:00pm



Employment Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for Student Lab Assistants, and Graduate Assistants.

Student Lab Assistant: If you have federal workstudy for Fall 2012 download and fill out the application and email it to John Bowden (bowden@uwm.edu)!

Get Student Lab Assistant application HERE!


LRC Faculty Development Lab Graduate Assistant Position Description
Get GA Position Description HERE in MS Word Format!

College of Letters & Science/Language Resource Center Graduate Assistant (1 33%-time position)

The Language Resource Center (LRC) has one Graduate Assistantship opening in the Faculty Development Lab (FDL), starting Fall 2010.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Because of the broad range of services that the LRC provides to the language programs at UWM, the LRC Graduate Assistants have a number of opportunities to expand their assistantship experience and gain a broader perspective of language instruction. The LRC GAs are expected to

Ø assist LRC research projects, technology workshops and trainings;
Ø network with related language units, programs and offices to bridge instructional needs to appropriate teaching technologies;
Ø research and contribute to development of blended and/or fully online language courses;
Ø research the state of the art instructional technology;


Each candidate MUST:

Ø possess a bachelor’s degree
Ø be enrolled in an L&S degree-granting graduate program


Successful candidates for the position SHOULD possess:

Ø excellent language teaching experience and research skills;
Ø a strong desire to learn and grow, both personally and professionally;
Ø professional written and interpersonal communication skills;
Ø demonstrated success in working both independently and in teams;
Ø the ability to work effectively with an ethnically and culturally diverse campus community;
Ø the ability to facilitate discussions and present information to varying size groups;
Ø an interest in developing competencies in areas related to instructional technology; i.e., Web authoring tools, Wimba Voice tools, Wiki, Podcasting etc.;
Ø the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

These positions will work directly under the director of the LRC, Mingyu Sun. Email Resumes, CVs, etc directly to Mingyu Sun (mingyu@uwm.edu)