Japanese, ESL and Arabic Resource Sites Coming Online

Language Learning Resources

Here at UWM's Language Resource Center, we aim to make accessible to the students as many facilities, materials and technologies as possible to enhance the foreign language learning process. Our library of materials are for student study in our labs, or at home study via the web. Our equipment and facilites, enable students to execute special projects and assignments using new technologies and media in their journey of learning. Our expertise can assist the students with multilingual computing, and with using specific technology tools for communicating audio and video materials to and from their instructors via the many modes of communication utilized within our language curriculums (e.g. email, D2L, online video, multilingual computing, and other voice and video enabled pedagogic tools.)

Language Teaching Resources

In addition to our general services the LRC handles the following especially for language instructors/programs:

  • Language Lab and LRC Mediated Classroom Scheduling
  • Equipment for Instructor Check-out
  • Workshops on the use of technology pedagogically important to the language programs
  • Special Projects supporting specific courses and programs
  • Individual Consulting to Language Instructors and Coordinators