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April 2013 Recipients

Shelleen Greene: Art & Design

Sonia Khatchadourian: English

Dana Margolis: Hebrew Studies

Jessica E. Moyer: Information Studies

Adam Pacton: English

Cathy Poliak: Business

Majeed A. Rahman: Africology

Angel Stoddard: Center for Early Childhood Professional Development and Leadership

Colleen Stowe: Biomedical Sciences

Renato Umali: Art and Design

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching


Okey Peter Akubeze: Survey & Policy Research

Jasmine Alinder: Public History

Adam Christopher Andrews: English

Mary Jo Baisch: Nursing

Rachel N. Baum: Jewish Studies

Robert J. Beck: Political Science

Michelle Bolduc: French, Italian & Comp Lit

M. Terry Bott: Biological Sciences

Mary Brehm: English

Jennifer B. Cadenas: Urban Studies

Vicki Callahan: Art And Design

Noelle Chesley: Sociology

Andrew Cole: Communication

Andy Cuneo: Communication

Jennifer J. Doering: Nursing

Margaret Duncan: Human Movement Sciences

Rebecca Dunham: English

Ester Suárez-Felipe: Spanish & Portuguese

Michelle Finet: College of Health Sciences

Christopher Guse: Theatre

James M. Harris: Urban Studies

Laretta Henderson: SOIS

W. Trent Hergenrader: English

Ryan Holifield: Geography

Adam Hudson: SOIS 

Les T. Johnson: School of Education

John W. Jordan: Communication

Yuri Kitov: Foreign Languages and Linguistics

Randal Kohl: Occupational Sciences and Technology

Judith Kuhn: Music

Shelley Lund: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Jessica M. Maerz: Theatre

Marta L. Magnuson: SOIS

Mariann Maris: English

Ahmed Mbalia: Africology

Sarah W. Morgan: College of Nursing

Katherine A. Murrell: Art History

Amy Otis-Wilborn: Exceptional Education

Alexis (Lexi) Pegram: English

Kristin E. Pitt: French, Italian & Comp Lit

Shana Ponelis: SOIS

Andrew E. Porter: Foreign Languages & Literature

Jude Rathburn: Lubar School of Business

Beth Rodgers: Nursing

Felicia Saffold: School of Education

Melissa Schoeffel: English

Connie Schroeder: Center for Instructional and Professional Development

John Palmer Smith: Lubar School of Business

Estrella Sotomayor: Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Susan Stalewski: College of Health Sciences

Sally Stanton: English

C. Erik Timmerman: Communication

Lindsay Timmerman: Communication

Colleen Trevino: Surgery

Mary Wepking: SOIS

Carla Wiggins: Health Care Informatics and Administration

Magaly Zeise: Spanish & Portuguese