University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Water Shutdowns, May 20-24

South East Buildings of the Main Campus
Monday, May 20, 2013
Friday, May 24, 2013

As part of State DFD project # 12D2Q, to replace a portion of water main located at Spaights Plaza, we will be shutting off the water for several buildings. To minimize the inconvenience this will cause, the week of 5/20/13, steam shutdown week, has been chosen for the bulk of this required shutdown.

Our anticipated schedule is as follows:

5/13/13-5/17/12 - Work will take place in the lower level of the Student Union parking garage.

5/20/13 - Two areas of construction will be fenced off and excavation will begin. The East area is located near the North East entrance to the Union Parking garage and the West area is located from the North West entrance to the Union Parking garage to West of Bolton Hall.

5/21/13 - Water service will be turned off to the Arts complex (Art, Lecture, Music, Theater),Bolton, Lubar, Curtin, Garland, Pierce and Vogel Halls. Upon completion of the Eastern underground valve work (approximately 8 hours), the Fine Arts complex, Curtin, Garland, Pierce and Vogel halls' water service will be restored.

5/22/13 - Work will continue on the Western excavation area and Bolton and Lubar halls' water service will remain off until approximately 3:30 pm. After which, Lubar will be returned to service.

5/23/13 - Work will continue on Bolton hall until approximately 3:30 p.m. After which, Bolton will be returned to service.

5/28/13 - Bolton hall will require an additional water shutdown, but will return to service at approximately 3:30 p.m.

The restrooms at Meir library, Student Union, Mitchell and Mellencamp will be availablethroughout the project.

*Water testing will occur throughout the process. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK THE WATER starting May 21st until a clearance notice is given in each building. We anticipate the all clear for potable water will be 5/29/13.

A fire watch has been established with campus police for the times and buildings that will be without water. In addition, a fire watch is required for Meir Library on 5/21/13, as they will be without fire protection.

To report emergencies please call x9911
To report problems during the day please call x4742
To report problems on off hours please call x4652

This schedule is highly dependent on weather and underground soil conditions and therefore may change. This water main has failed twice in the last three years, with your cooperation and understanding we will have it replaced and complete by 6/6/13.

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