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If you are currently enrolled for class credit at UWM and pay the student segregated fee, you may use most Norris Health Center services, including primary medical and mental health care provider visits, at no cost. Fees are charged for some services, such as laboratory tests, pharmacy prescriptions, immunizations and allergy injections. A summer use fee is charged for students not enrolled during the summer. For additional questions regarding cost of care call Norris Health Center at 414-229-4716 for more information.

Many services available to you are prepaid as part of tuition and fees. However, Norris Health Center does not cover hospital inpatient, emergency room, or immediate care treatment provided outside our facility.

We strongly encourage students to have insurance to cover medical expenses outside of Norris Health Center. You do not need health insurance to use our health center and Norris Health Center does not bill insurance.

There are new options for health insurance in 2014. Learn more about the health insurance marketplace at www.healthcare.gov. UWM also offers insurance through www.sas-mn.com.


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