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What types of awareness programming does the Health promotion department provide?

There are several national programs that the Health Promotion Department provides. There are National Screening days for eating disorders, alcohol abuse and depression. The American College Health Association http://www.acha.org/
 is the voice of College Health and provides ideas and data for the direction of Health promotion for college students. Another origanization that provides guidance for college health is the Bacchus and Gamma http://bacchusgamma.org/. The Peer Education Network has programs , ideas and resources for awareness programs. If you are interested in a program with Norris Health Center, call 229-4716 and ask to speak to a health educator.

What should I do if I think I was sexually assaulted?

Sexual Assault information from the Women's Resource Center

Does the Health Promotion and Wellness program provide alcohol abuse assessments?

The Norris Health Staff provides a "personal profile"of alcohol use. Download further information about the BASICS program

What programs does the Health Promotion and Wellness Department provide?

The Health Educators provide programs including, but not limited to the following topics:
Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS, Stress management, Tobacco cessation, Wellness, Nutrition and Birth Control Options

How do I set up a program with the Health Promotion and Wellness Department?

 Programs can be provided by the health educators and the Peer Health Advocates. You need to call two weeks before the program or presentation. You can call the main number at 229-4716. Programs are free of charge.

Do the health educators provide nutrition guidance?

The health educators see students on an individual basis to assess and provide guidance regarding nutrition practices. The teaching includes guidance regarding weight management, diagnosis related nutrition practices and general eating practices. There is a dietician on a limited basis. Internal referrals are required to see the Dietician.

How do you make an appointment with a health educator?

You may call the Norris Health Center at 229-4716 and make an appointment with a health educator.  Link to Appointments

Does the Health Promotion department have handouts/information about topics?

The Health Promotion Department has handouts and literature on a variety of topics. If you would like to speak with a health educator about a topic or presentation and need materials, please  call either Laura Stuart, MPH at 229-2919, Colleen Bernstein RN at 229-4716, or Sarah Belstack at 229-5836.

Is there a fee to see a health educator?

There is no fee to see a Health Educator. Link to Cost, Link to Eligibility

Does Norris Health Center provide HIV screening?

HIV screening is provided at the Norris Health Center for a fee of $15.00 Please call 229-4716 and make an appointment for the test. A medical provider or a health educator can provide the assessment for the screening.

Do students work in the Health Promotion and Wellness Department?

The Peer Health Advocates are students who work with the Norris  Health Center. They are also a student organization. Some students have worked with the Peers as their Capstone experience, or service learning experience. You can call Laura Stuart, MPH, at 229-2919 for more information.

Does the Health Promotion staff teach outside the Norris Health Center?

The Health educators and Peer health Advocates provide programs and outreach in a variety of settings including booths, classes,union  and university housing.

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