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Can I fill all my prescriptions from my doctor at the health center pharmacy?

The Health Center does not fill prescriptions from private providers. Our providers must write the prescriptions. You need an appointment to see a provider.

How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

Go to the cashier’s window on the first floor of Norris Health Center(NHC) to request and pay for your refill. The NHC pharmacy does not take refill requests over the phone.

How many refills can I get at one time?

You may purchase multiple refills if your prescription allows and if the NHC pharmacy has adequate stock.

Can I have prescriptions written by my family physician filled at Norris Health Center Pharmacy?

No. The NHC pharmacy fills only prescriptions written by Norris Health Center providers. You can make an appointment with a NHC provider to discuss your situation. The provider may or may not rewrite the same prescription.

What is a "special order" prescription?

The NHC pharmacy only stocks medications that are listed on the NHC Formulary but will special order items (other than Class II narcotics) that are not on that formulary. The patient must have a prescription written by an NHC provider for the entire package amount of the drug and must pay for the prescription in advance.

What types of condoms are available at Norris Health Center?

NHC stocks Durex lubricated condoms both latex and non-latex. Neither contains a spermicidal ingredient. Condom purchases are limited to $5 supply of the lubricated condoms and $4.50 of the non-lubricated.

Why do I have to pay the cashier before going to the pharmacy?

The cashier checks for student eligibility.

Why do products change?

The pharmacy has contracts with various manufacturers and wholesalers. As contracts change, and prices go up, the pharmacy searches for alternate low-cost products.

Why are some birth control pills cheaper than others?

You may have used a certain brand for years and now it is called another name or you find out the cost is more. Why? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows pharmaceutical companies to have limited patents on their product. When a drug goes off patent and generic becomes available, the original manufacturer may raise their prices to compensate for loss of volume due to the generic drug. A new product may very expensive if it can be marketed as having an edge over its competition or a new product may be a lot cheaper if it is a reformulation of an older drug and the company is pushing this product.

Your medical provider may suggest a different BCP to keep your prescription cost low. Here at Norris Health Center we strive to keep our pharmacy stocked with common brand and generic BCP. Please ask your medical provider or pharmacist if you have questions about your prescription.

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