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Where is Sports Medicine located?


The Sports Medicine Department is located in:

Klotsche Center Sports Medicine Center
3409 N. Downer Ave. Suite 250

Milwaukee, WI 53211

414-229-6572 phone

414-229-6671 fax

Can I make an appointment?


You must receive a referral from a Norris Health Center provider, and then call to schedule at 414-229-6572.

If I am getting physical therapy at home can I continue it when I come to school?


Yes, therapy services are available in the Sports Medicine department. 

What should I do for a sprain or strain? & When do I use heat or ice?


Ice should be used for any acute injury, and can continue to be used in more chronic situations.  For a new injury, such as a sprain or strain, utilize the “RICE” principle.  Protect and support the area and ice at least 3-5 times a day for 20 minutes.  This can be done in conjunction with compression and elevation to enhance edema reduction.  To have an elevation effect, the injured area needs to be one foot higher than the level of the heart.  Heat is generally utilized after the acute inflammatory response has resolved, or in more chronic injury situations.

How can I tell if something is broken?

An x-ray is needed to determine if something is broken.  If you sustain an injury and feel you broke a bone, stabilize it with some type of material or splint, support it and have it evaluated

Do I have to pay for these services?


No, Sports Medicine services are covered by your segregated fees in your tuition payments, but you need to be a currently enrolled full-time student, and/or have paid your segregated fees if part-time or if between semesters in the summer.

What do you do/offer in your department?


Physical and athletic rehabilitation services provided by a licensed physical therapist and licensed athletic trainers for orthopedic type injuries.  Services include evaluation, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic modalities, orthotic prescription and fitting, and video gait/running analysis to name a few.

Do you do personal training; can you help me get in shape or put together an exercise or weight-loss program?


No.  We would recommend you to a personal trainer for these services.  At times our athletic training students are personal trainers and may be able to help with this, but this is separate from our services in Sports Medicine.  You can call our department to check on this availability, or check on the bulletin board at the Klotsche Center as there are advertisements for these services listed there.

Where can I get my percent body-fat, or skin-fold measures checked?


We would refer you to the Exercise Physiology department in Enderis Hall where these services are offered along with cardiopulmonary function assessments including VO2 max and sub-max testing, resting metabolic assessment, and various body composition testing procedures.  These services are provided for specific fees.  Please call there department at 414-229-6717 for more information.

Do I need an appointment?


Yes, an appointment is required for each visit.

you evaluate acute injuries?


Yes, any type of orthopedic injury, acute or chronic.

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