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Peer Health Educators

Peer Education

PEER HEALTH EDUCATOR MISSION: To develop and present a variety of educational programs and materials aimed at sensitizing members of the diverse UWM student body on important student development, personal wellness, health related topics; and contribute to the creation of a healthy and socially just living-learning environment throughout campus and the surrounding community.

The philosophy of the Peer Health Educator Program at UW-Milwaukee contends students have a unique and powerful relationship with fellow students which can be employed to promote self awareness and wellness behaviors, healthy choices and decision making, healthy living/learning environments, and modeling appropriate attitudes and behaviors on a variety of health related issues.

Our Services Include:
  • Facilitating workshops for Residence Halls, classes, Health Promotion and Wellness programs in a variety of campus settings, community sites, orientations, and other campus organizations, offices, and events.

  • Offering information and referrals on health risks, prevention and intervention literature, web sites, campus bulletin boards, audio/visual materials and information booths.

  • Assisting in the planning and facilitation process of campus and community events in collaboration with communal agencies and NHC.

For more information or to schedule a Peer Health Educator program:
  • Visit the Peer Health Educator office within the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness in Union WG81.

  • Call Brian Stahlkopf, Peer Health Educator Supervisor, at 414-229-2919, or e-mail stahlkop@uwm.edu

Student Health Advisory and Oversight Committee


The Student Health Advisory and Oversight Committee(SHAOC) is comprised of students and nonvoting Norris staff who provide input and specific recommendations on such matters as Heath Center programs and services, policy and budget.

The SHAOC is appointed annually and advises Student Health Services about services and fees. SHAOC members are appointed and applications are taken. If you are interested in the position call the Director of Norris Health Center, Dr. Julie Bonner at 414-229-4716.

SHAOC is the official student representative body designated to provide the UW-Milwaukee Norris Health Center student view and advisory input on the health service budget.


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