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Travel Clinic

Did you forget to get pre-travel advice?
Know your risks! Learn what you can do to prevent travel related illnesses before you travel!

Welcome To Our Travel Clinic!

Norris Health Center is committed to helping UWM students stay healthy while traveling abroad.

Our staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists:
  • provide general advice for traveling
  • will review your travel itinerary, personal health and immunization history, then combine information obtained from the CDC and Travax to determine your individualized travel needs
  • provide travel and routine immunizations as well as prescriptions for travel*
  • provide specific travel advice and handouts
  • *see side bar for price list

We recommend scheduling travel consultations well in advance (6-8 weeks).

  • Travel Consult appointments for Asia, Africa, Central/South America and the Middle East must be scheduled at least 4 weeks prior to departure
  • All other destinations require an appointment 2 weeks prior to departure
  • Urgent Travel appointments that miss the above cut-offs depend on appointment availability and risk insufficient time for vaccination and/or medication effectiveness
  • Allow adequate lead time for spacing of vaccinations as well as time for immunity to develop
  • Allow time for travelers with health problems to obtain necessary paperwork from their healthcare providers
  • Allow time to initiate anti-malarial medications if needed

To schedule an appointment for a travel consultation:

  • Download and complete the Norris Health Center Travel Form. See tips for Locating Old Immunization Records (from Immunization Action Coalition).
  • Call Norris Health Center at 414-229-4716 to schedule your 15 minute Preliminary Travel Appointment with the TRAVEL NURSE.
  • Bring your completed form to your TRAVEL NURSE APPOINTMENT.
  • At the appointment, the travel nurse will review the forms and health history and will then schedule you for a
    1. TRAVEL CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT with a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner (45 minutes)
    2. TRAVEL IMMUNIZATION APPOINTMENT with a nurse (30 minutes).
  • Contact our travel nurse if you have any questions at 229-4039 or travelnurse-nhc@uwm.edu.

Policies Specific for Travel Appointments

We may not be able to accommodate all requests for travel consultations.

No Show Policy: Students who fail to keep their appointment will be charged a $10 "no show" fee.

Cancellation Policy: We are only able to cancel and reschedule an appointment once.

No Show Policy
Travel Vaccine & Medication List

Vaccine Information Statements

Travel Resources
    (Bureau of Consular Affairs)
    (WI Immunization registry)

Milwaukee Resources
Milwaukee Area Travel &
    Health Care Clinics (pdf)

CIE Study Abroad Groups
Travel Recommendations

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